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Carrboro, NC Dentist Shares Helpful Dental Tips For Improved Oral Health

Dr. Stephen Randall, a dentist in Carrboro, NC, reiterates the importance of maintaining an at-home oral health care regimen.

Dr. Stephen Randall, a dentist in Carrboro, NC, reiterates the importance of maintaining an at-home oral health care regimen.

    CARRBORO, NC, April 10, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Dr. Stephen Randall, a dentist in Carrboro, NC, continues to provide patients with valuable dental health care tips, including the importance of daily brushing and flossing at home, as well as trips to his office every six months. With many people not taking oral health seriously, Dr. Randall strives to emphasize the importance of a health smile.

"Your mouth is so much more than just a pretty smile - it is also a gateway to your overall health. By keeping your mouth clean and healthy you may be keeping yourself healthier for longer," said Carrboro, NC dentist, Dr. Stephen Randall. "Taking the time to brush and floss your teeth is important, and I want to make sure that my patients understand the impact that daily care has on their oral and overall health."

Besides the benefit of an improved appearance, maintaining proper dental health care can also affect a person's health. Inflammation can happen when bacteria and debris, such as bits of food, enter the blood vessels around the teeth. When inflammation occurs, it is the body's response to bacteria invaders. Dr. Randall, a dentist in Carrboro, informs patients that if inflammation reoccurs over and over again, chronic, long-term, inflammation can occur.

Chronic inflammation has been linked to chronic diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and Alzheimer's disease. It is not clear if the inflammation causes those diseases, or if it is a marker of some other cause. Either way, Dr. Randall, a dental implant dentist in Carrboro, informs patients that it is not a good sign when chronic inflammation occurs.

Additionally, periodontal disease, which is caused by extensive bacterial buildup along the gums and teeth, affects 80% of Americans, and is the number one cause of tooth loss in adults. When performed consistently and correctly, brushing and flossing can reduce the bacteria or plaque buildup that causes periodontal disease.

"Brushing, flossing, and visiting my office is so easy to do, it is not expensive, and everyone should be doing it," said Dr. Randall.

For more information on maintaining proper oral health care, patients can contact Dr. Stephen Randall by calling (919) 929-5160, or by visiting the practice's educational website at

About Stephen M. Randall, DDS, PA: Dr. Stephen Randall first moved to Carrboro, NC in 1973. With many interests, Dr. Randall pursued various areas of education. Through these interests, Dr. Randall worked to complete the required coursework in chemistry, physics and zoology in order to apply to the UNC School of Dentistry. He received his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree by UNC in 1983 and commuted to and worked in practices in Cary, Raleigh and Roxboro before opening his own practice in Carrboro on December 30, 1985.

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