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CEO at Florida Business Consulting Sits Down for 'Tell All' interview

Entrepreneur and CEO at Florida Business Consulting Eric Martin sat down recently for a 'tell all' interview recently, providing the inside scoop at Florida Business Consulting.

    MIAMI, FL, April 21, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ -- During the interview, Mr Martin discussed his career, motivations, and goals for the future.

About Florida Business Consulting:

How long have you been in business?
"I have been running my own business since September 2011; hard to believe it's almost six years already."

How did you get started?
"I was exploring new career options, and I responded to an advertisement on a job site, before being invited to attend an interview at a marketing agency in Midtown Manhattan. I was instantly intrigued when the person conducting my interview was a twenty something-year-old man and a CEO in New York City. That immediately looked like an attractive prospect, and I decided to pursue it. I was hired and began an entry-level role within the sales and marketing firm. After many months of hard work, dedication and one on one coaching and mentoring from the management team, I successfully climbed my way to the top and was given the opportunity to open my own business, as the firm looked to expand, and I've never looked back."

What did you do before?
"I previously worked in two different fields; (the first was accounting, working as an entry-level in a CPA firm, the second was selling Health Insurance.) I also completed two Master's, one in Accounting and an MBA in International Business. I have always had a real student mentality, and hunger for knowledge and I think this is what stood me in good stead for being an entrepreneur."

What has been your biggest lesson?
"Stay humble. When I first started out I had a huge ego, and I quickly realized that whatever you've done in the past doesn't matter, it's what you're doing now. Being a business owner is challenging and a great mental test. I constantly have to reinvent myself and keep Florida Business Consulting innovative to stay ahead of the competition. I decided to become the best student, and this was when things started happening, and my career began to take off."

Florida Business Consulting was recently awarded the accolade of Best & Brightest Company to work for, what does that mean to you?
"I was ecstatic to receive such a prestigious accolade. I have invested a great deal of time and energy into creating a fun, friendly and nurturing working environment where we assist and encourage the people we work with to achieve their goals and reach their full potential. I believe our unique culture where fun and success go hand in hand is one of the secrets to our success. We have also adopted a recognition and reward culture where we reward our top performers with frequent bonuses, incentives and prizes, so they realize they are appreciated for their efforts and they are happy at work."

What motivates you?
"A huge motivator was the birth of my first daughter, which created a much bigger goal since it wasn't about me anymore. My sense of urgency became greater and my work ethic stronger when I became a father."

If you could go back in time, what advice would you give yourself when you were first starting out?
"First and foremost, be a better student. There are so many examples of success in this industry that it makes it easy to go and get the information. Once you have the information, all you have to do is apply it. Secondly, have a greater sense of urgency. Having that urgency from the start would have made my journey to becoming a business owner much faster."

What are your goals for Florida Business Consulting?
"Short-Term: I want our organization to double in size within the next 12 months and pass on the opportunity I was once afforded to other aspiring entrepreneurs. I am a passionate coach and mentor, and that will help my personal development goals."

"Long-Term: Within the next ten years my goal is to get the organization to a point where we're so big, and the turnover is at a point where I no longer have to put on a suit and tie every day and go in to work. I want to be able to work from anywhere in the world with just a cell phone and laptop."

Florida Business Consulting specializes in bringing brands and consumers closer together through face-to-face marketing. Working on their clients' behalf, the firm conducts thorough market research to pinpoint the most promising markets for their clients' brands. Then, after identifying key consumer groups, the business delivers their clients' campaigns directly to consumers, opening up the opportunity for one-on-one communication.

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Florida Business Consulting specializes in bringing brands and consumers closer together through face-to-face marketing.

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