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Choice Plumbing in Orlando Offers Advice for Plumbing Breaches

The emergency plumber in Orlando, Choice Plumbing, talks about the right way to handle broken pipes. Main line bursts can cause a lot of damage very fast, so knowing what to do is critical.

    ORLANDO, FL, May 28, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The emergency plumber in Orlando, Choice Plumbing discusses how to address damaged pipes. Though durable, your home's water and sewage lines are not invulnerable. Faulty installations, gradual degradation and impeding tree roots can all weaken the pipes' outer surface. The day could come when this outer pressure is too much. One moment water is flowing freely through the line like it should, and the next it is spraying every which way inside your house.

Reacting to a Plumbing Breach

Since there is a major difference between clean water return pipes and the ones carrying sewage away, understanding how to quickly identify and address a problem in each type is essential.

The single most important piece of information you should know is where the main shut-off valve is located. The valve can often be found outside on most Florida homes, but yours could be somewhere in the basement.

The Orlando plumbing experts say you should never hesitate to turn off the main line, although this will cease your house's entire water supply. Make do with the clean water you have until the plumber has repaired the damaged pipe.

According to Nick Shif, Owner Operator of Choice Plumbing, "Water line breaches are more easily detectable because you will either hear or see the water running out, but sewage breaks can be elusive. If you notice a foul odor coming from your yard or if the ground is starting to pool up, something is wrong. Drains that will not stay unclogged are also strong indicators of a breached sewage line."

Since the only way to stop leaking sewage is to fix the line in question, call a plumber at the first sign of a breach.

Choice Plumbing specializes in Orlando leak detection and many other services. You can learn more about these by visiting

About Choice Plumbing:

Choice Plumbing is local, family-run company with more than 20 years of experience. They fully understand the unique plumbing needs of Orlando, as well as the specific practices and codes of Central Florida. They provide a wide range of services 24/7 to fit any basic or emergency service.

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