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Cinema for Peace Award Winning Documentary 'Skateistan the Movie' Available on DVD Now

Features While-U-Wait, LLC proudly announces the worldwide release of the most valuable feature-length documentary of the year: 'Skateistan - Four Wheels and a Board in Kabul' on DVD.

"This gorgeously shot, impeccably written and edited documentary will change the way you think about Afghanistan... it will make you cry—a lot—but you'll leave with restored faith..."

    SAN FRANCISCO, CA, November 18, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Skateistan uses skateboarding as a tool for empowering youth, to create new opportunities and the potential for change. This multiple award winning film shows the trials and tribulations of the founders to bring hope to street kids of Kabul - without dwelling on terrorism, Al Qaeda, and the enduring conflict in Central Asia.

The Feature length documentary follows Skateistan's founders and volunteers over the span of one year, documenting the daily struggle of the young organization to break down social-, gender- and ethnic barriers between the children of war-torn Afghanistan, were more than 50% of the populations is under 16 years of age, with the help of 'a board and four wheels' - which has been previously unknown in the country.

The film documents the early efforts of Skateistan in Kabul and the organization's struggle to build the country's first skatepark. It also shows life in Afghanistan without preconception or prejudice. The documentary is a homage to an amazing aid alternative and - of course, to skateboarding. It presents a look at Kabul in a way that hasn't been covered by western media, at the austere lives of Afghanistan's children and the volunteers of Skateistan. The doc has brought audiences on all continents to tears and cheers.

'DIRECTOR KAI SEHR PUTS A POSITIVE SPIN ON THE SEEMINGLY INTRACTABLE MILITARY AND POLITICAL CRISIS IN AFGHANISTAN' Justin Lowe, Hollywood Reporter '...made me realize why I've spent my entire life as Skateboarder.' Stacey Peralta, Film Director / Former Pro Skater '...GEORGEOUSLY SHOT, IMPECCABLY WRITTEN AND EDITED DOC...' Gail Bradney, 'This one will stay with you...' Barbara P., Rotten Tomatoes 'SO PROUD TO SEE A DIFFERENT PROGRESSION OF SKATEBOARDING...' Jeff Daniels, Endless Grinds 'An inspirational story, located at the intersection of sports and universal brotherhood' John Anderson, Variety 'One of the most thought provoking films - this one stands out. See IT!' Grand Slater, Slater Brothers Entertainment

The DVD contains the original English version with a choice of Spanish and German subtitles, plus additional, previously unpublished scenes.

The US price is $13. Europe, Asia, Australia and South America region DVDs are sold for $17 through - and by selected retailers.

The price of the DVD is intentionally kept low because the intend is to have the film seen by a wide international audience, to raise global awareness of this unique, unrivaled and successful alternative aid project - with the help of a board and four wheels.

Learn more about Skateistan - Four Wheels and a Board in Kabul at and through facebook or download the PressKit at

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