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Citipeak Promotions Ltd Reviews How Brands Can Makes Themselves More Desirable

Over recent years, brands have been working hard to become more desirable to consumers. As the latest list of the most desired brands is released, Citipeak Promotions reviews what it is that makes a brand desirable to consumers.

    LONDON, ENGLAND, April 17, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The top echelons of the 2013 Brand Desire listing are a varied mix of products, services and categories. Within it, Ferrari revs it up for avid fans at position three; Tiffany sparkles with affordable luxury at number four; full of British heritage, Marmite is loved at number five; with Apple topping the list at number one.

There is plenty of evidence to suggest that brands are valuable assets but the question now asked is what makes them desirable? The study by Clear suggests desirability is a unique balance of energy, substance and connection, qualities that have a profound effect on how the brand makes the consumer think, feel and act.

Citipeak Promotions is an event marketing firm, representing client's brands and increasing brand exposure at events and promotions through face to face interaction with consumers. In the recent study, Clear builds upon the established knowledge that consumers look for certain values in the bands they buy. Consumers mainly connect with brands that are one of six types; 'cool', 'sociable', 'care', 'respect' and 'reassure'. Events run by Citipeak Promotions to expose and promote client's brands build up these values. Not only can desirability deliver commercial success but the opportunity is there for anyone to build a desirable brand.

A brand must always look to deliver on each consumer driver 'think', 'feel' and 'act'. Citipeak Promotions tailor each marketing campaign for individual client needs and will build upon these drivers to build a positive brand exposure and make the client's brand more desirable to consumers.

- Think - this is all about a brand achieving recognition. Citipeak Promotions have events running across different areas of the UK, so brand exposure and recognition is increased.

- Feel - this aims to provoke an emotion surrounding the brand. Citipeak Promotions market their client's products through face to face interaction with consumers, building up a relationship and creating a positive emotion towards the brand.

- Act - Citipeak Promotions connect with the local community in order to understand local consumer needs.

About Citipeak Promotions:

'At Citipeak Promotions, we work hard to ensure our client's brand has a positive and widespread exposure to consumers in order to increase desirability' said Nick Johnson, Managing Director of Citipeak Promotions. 'Desirability is essential for a brand to be successful. It isn't about producing a great product or service, but being able to continuously re-evaluate and innovate to ensure the brand has a real role in people's lives. The brand personality is what makes people want to connect with a brand in the same way they befriend others' added Nick Johnson.

Citipeak Promotions is a vibrant and ambitious event marketing firm based in London. The firm represent their client's brand through events and promotions up and down the UK by providing a cost-effective service with measurable results and a guaranteed ROI.

Founded by Nick Johnson in early 2010, Citipeak Promotions Ltd is a vibrant Event Sales and Marketing Company; providing a cost-effective service for a wide range of clients, with the ability to enter new target markets throughout the UK and Europe.

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