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ClickStarters Launches New Website to Support Charities at No Cost to Contributors and Offer Prizes to Supporters for Their Participation

ClickStarters is pleased to announce the launch of its new website at The website aims to combine the concept of crowdfunding with social media viral marketing to provide support for charities and other good causes and projects.

    LONDON, ENGLAND, August 30, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Many people who would like to contribute to charities feel that they cannot afford to donate money to them. However, ClickStarters gives those people an opportunity to support charities and other worthy endeavors at no cost simply by clicking on a button.

ClickStarters works by using a number counter that begins at one million and lowers the number by one every time a visitor to the site clicks the button. A designated charity will receive a donation from ClickStarters when the counter number reaches zero, and the person who makes the last click will receive a prize as well. In addition, visitors have chances to win smaller prizes when they click on the counter if it reaches one of several randomly selected numbers as they click.

After members register on the site or sign in with Facebook, ClickStarters allows them to make up to 10 clicks every day. They can use all 10 daily clicks on one counter or divide them among several counters (once more than one counter is available).

ClickStarters will offer advertising space on the website when people who support the charities or want to win prizes generate enough visits to the site to bring it to a predetermined level. Advertising proceeds will pay for the charity donations as well as fund the costs involved with running the project.

As the site grows, ClickStarters will furnish additional counters to provide support for several ventures at the same time.

Members also have opportunities to establish counters for their own projects, community endeavors or favorite charities by following the instructions on the site's "get a counter" page. Owners of the website plan to develop an automated process that members can use to set up counters, but in the meantime, ClickStarters will assist with the setup process.

Members who wish to provide additional support for charities and other projects have several options in addition to clicking on the counter. They can provide grand prizes for people who bring the counts down to zero or smaller prizes for members who click on the random numbers selected for prizes. Supporters can also sponsor counters directly by placing their company advertisements on counter pages.

An independent web project, ClickStarters provides members with the opportunity to support charities, community enterprises, worthwhile private projects and other commendable programs without spending any of their own money.

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