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Consult Zee Ltd Launch Study into Entrepreneurial Attributes for Success

Have entrepreneurs been raised in wealthy families? Have they always been law abiding citizens? Consult Zee Ltd announce plans to conduct a study into the background of entrepreneurs to determine which attributes dictate success.

    SHEFFIELD, ENGLAND, October 23, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- New data from an experiment which entailed following Swedish children over 40 years, recorded the sort of behaviour seen as anti- social. For example, smoking, truancy, and general rebellious teenage behaviour can actually provide people at a young age with valuable experiences which can result in progression and success in later life. Affy Hussain the Managing Director of Consult Zee said, "This research isn't surprising to me. I know many people who had a complete lack of interest in school, but still have the desire to achieve in life. People come from so many different places and backgrounds these days and evidently become business owners. The "want" to prove to others that you can be successful and prove people wrong can be the best motivation there is. I believe sheer persistence, drive, determination and a great work ethic are what determine being a successful entrepreneur, not necessarily the roots of your upbringing."

About Consult Zee Ltd:

This sparked the Sheffield-based firm, Consult Zee Ltd's desire to understand the attributes of successful entrepreneurs. The firm have contacted 16 British business owners who they will interview over a 6 week period to gather data for their study.

Research in this area has been carried out previously, in fact a report by Dr Obschonka talks about the founder of Microsoft Bill Gates. There is evidence to prove that at the age of 22 he was arrested for driving without a license, again going against the stereotype of a successful businessman.

However, this is not to suggest that anti-social or criminal behaviour makes an entrepreneur, and there are many reports that present entrepreneurs being from well educated, middle, and upper-class families. "The Anatomy of an Entrepreneur" found that more than 90 percent of entrepreneurs came from middle class backgrounds and 95% of people surveyed had earned bachelor degrees.

Sheffield-based Consult Zee Ltd believe there are many factors that determine an individual's success in the business industry. A great education, and previous work experience will always be beneficial when running a business but great leadership skills, a positive attitude with the drive to succeed will determine the growth and profitability of any firm. "We hope to be able to back up our beliefs with some real data through this study. I look forward to reviewing the information collected," says Affy Hussain of Consult Zee Ltd.

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