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Consultonomics: Who are Today's Top Entrepreneurs and How do they Attract Success?

With entrepreneurship and starting small businesses becoming increasingly popular Consultonomics looks at what kind of people are becoming entrepreneurs.

    LIMERICK, IRELAND, August 06, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The typical stereotype of an entrepreneur is a young, male graduate, but this is not necessarily the case throughout the UK. It takes many different skills to become an entrepreneur, but these are skills that could be found amongst anyone, from any background. In a recent study conducted by Amazon Marketplace it was found that only 22% of entrepreneurs had a degree whilst 29% had stopped education at A-levels or below. A third of UK entrepreneurs are over 50 and 48% of those involved in start-up businesses are female.

About Consultonomics:

So what characteristics do these people from such diverse backgrounds have in common? What qualities must be possessed to become an entrepreneur?

The Amazon research showed that two thirds of those questioned said that success is their biggest motivator. Other important factors were being innovative and creative, but also competitive, determined and decisive. They are confident in their decisions and have strong leadership skills, but are also good learners. The key quality for an entrepreneur is the combination of being creative enough to think up an idea and then being determined enough to see it through to become a successful business.

Entrepreneurs and start-up businesses are extremely beneficial for the economy. The new businesses create plenty of new job opportunities which then provide consumer income which consumers then put back into the economy by spending. Fundamentally, entrepreneurs help to shape a community in ways such as providing jobs, conducting business locally, creating and participating in entrepreneurial networks, investing in community projects, and giving to local charities.

Direct marketing firm, Consultonomics believe that a rise in online opportunities may be the reason that an increasingly diverse cross-section of individuals is leaving large organizations in pursuit of creating their own business. The general public now has access to affordable computing and precious information and data via the Internet. Online software tools and services are making it easier for entrepreneurs to maximize their capabilities and mask their size, giving their new projects greater capacity and range.

Consultonomics is an outsourced sales and marketing firm located in Limerick, Ireland. The firm are dominant market leaders that offer their clients a professional and personalised approach to marketing. Consultonomics provide their clients with a direct and personal link to their customers through face-to-face sales and customer acquisition. This one-to-one approach helps to increase brand loyalty, increase sales, and maximise market penetration. The firm achieve this by building marketing and promotional campaigns that involve innovative strategies, giving careful attention to their clients' needs and providing them with a group of motivated and talented people to successfully sell their product or service.

Consultonomics deeply encourage entrepreneurship and run their own development program for those aspiring entrepreneurs within their company. The program gives people the chance to progress quickly to a sales manager and then gives them the potential to open their own sales business. Consultonomics pride themselves on their ability to teach these aspiring entrepreneurs the correct business skills to help them progress such as, leadership, sales and product expertise.

Consultonomics are a dominant market leader in the direct marketing industry. The Limerick based firm build innovative and personalized campaigns that increases their clients brand reach and customer retention rates. Consultonomics' experienced and enthusiastic sales team create long lasting connections with customers and establish relationships that guarantee loyal customers and increase ROI.

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