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CroMex: Is Building a 'Family Friendly' Brand the Key to Success?

With so many products on the market, brands are always looking for a way of widening their target audience. CroMex looks at how family friendly brands seem to have found the key to success.

    NEW YORK, NY, August 07, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- It's well known within the marketing sector that brands who build emotional connections with consumers will always fare better than those who don't. By sharing the same beliefs and values, and conveying these effectively to their target audience, allows brands to be viewed as more than just a provider of a service. It allows them to develop their reputation and carve themselves a solid place within the market. Sales and marketing firm CroMex have reviewed whether brands who promote themselves as sharing family values are set to profit, and why brands are choosing to reinvent themselves as family friendly brands.

Various studies have shown that family brands make stronger connections with their consumers, acting as an extension of a family through sharing strong associated values such as caring and social responsibility. With families finding the work/life balance more difficult, brands are recognising the importance of family time and are using family desires for more quality time together to their advantage. They do this through family centered campaign messages, such as food brands reflecting the importance of families eating together at mealtimes. By sharing the values of the nation's family's brands can build stronger connections, connections that should hopefully encourage consumers to stay loyal even through more difficult economic times.

Most recently, soda giant Coca Cola have fully embraced a family centric approach with their "share a coke" campaign. Promoting summer as the perfect time to get together with friends and family, Coca Cola's campaign is fully tapping in to the nations desire to spend more time with loved ones and supporting the social ideal within their brand message. However, the campaign promotes an inclusive society, yet, the basis of the campaign relies heavily on consumers finding a bottle with their own name on. With only a selection of America's most popular names the campaign could be viewed as going against the "inclusive" message they're trying to promote.

Another big brand following the family centric trend is fast food chain McDonalds. Whereas Coca Cola are focusing on a strong mantra of sharing, McDonalds have reinvented themselves as a brand that is looking towards the future and creating a sustainable world for the next generation. This is a highly clever strategy, with a majority of consumers becoming concerned about the origins of their food and food production; McDonalds have increased their market reach by marketing themselves as a more sustainable business. Their focus on providing healthier menu options and advertising where their ingredients are sourced from appeals to both parents and children, and has seen the brand grow from the artificial, low quality chain it was once seen as.

CroMex, a sales and marketing firm based in New York specialise in creating unique campaigns that accurately reflect their clients' values. CroMex believe that creating a strong individual brand message is vital to a brand's success, and that becoming a family friendly brand is one way of achieving this. However, CroMex warn that in order to profit brands must stay true to their claims and promote family values at every level of their business. With trust playing such a huge role in consumer loyalty, consumers will quickly see faults in any brands who fail to fully embrace their 'family friendly' message.

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