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CroMex NYC: Study Reveals Direct Marketing Worth Exceeds Digital Marketing

NYC-based sales and marketing firm CroMex not surprised that offline marketing including direct marketing is currently worth more than its online counterpart.

    NEW YORK, NY, July 18, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- There's no doubt that digital marketing is currently big business, with more ways to stay connected than ever before many companies are hoping to cash in on peoples obsession with social media and online communications. However a recent study into marketing channels has found that more traditional marketing avenues are still outperforming digital in terms of overall worth. New York based Sales and Marketing agency CroMex who provide direct marketing campaigns for businesses spanning many sectors, aren't surprised by the recent findings.

The study, published by the Direct Marketing Association, an industry group, examined both online and offline direct marketing. It surveyed around 650 companies working in the personal data business and found traditional offline marketing, provided by direct mail companies to be a $93.6 billion dollar industry in 2012, whereas the digital marketing industry was worth $62 Billion.

The study was authored by John Deighton and Peter Johnson, a Harvard Business School professor and a Columbia University adjunct professor, and provided a surprising result for many businesses who might have expected digital marketing to come out on top.

Despite the results, there's no question that in today's world, digital marketing is a brilliant way of raising brand awareness. With the world's populations spending more time in front of a screen, be it phone, tablet or computer than ever before, many mass marketing techniques are becoming obsolete. Wide spread billboard campaigns don't generally get the recognition they did as few as five years ago and or many businesses, its makes perfect sense to target potential customers in an environment they're regularly exposed to. However as the world becomes more digital many customers are craving a more personalised customer experience. As every aspect of the buying experience becomes more automated it can be hard for businesses to create a balance between technology and customer service. Offline Direct marketing provides the solution to this issue by addressing the consumer one on one, which many customers are seeing as a welcome change to digital techniques.

CroMex NYC provide ambitious and engaging event marketing campaigns which bring their clients direct to the customer. By allowing customers to speak frankly with experienced sales teams, direct marketing can not only develop more meaningful customer relationships, it also provided businesses with the information required to completely tailor their service to suit each individual customer's needs. Event marketing is especially effective at getting customers involved in a brand, of course, digital marketing is also highly effective in engaging customers, however direct event marketing can more easily transfer this engagement into sales.

CroMex believe that many businesses are now realising the potential in direct marketing. Although digital marketing is in many cases a vital stage in the marketing process, an increasing number of businesses are on the lookout for new and innovative ways to market their products. Businesses are now looking towards a more cross channelled marketing response to consumer trends. By utilising both digital and direct marketing businesses are increasing their market reach whilst nurturing and maintaining their customer relationships and providing first class customer service.

About CroMex:

CroMex is an outsourced sales and marketing firm specialising in direct marketing.

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