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We are a new free social and informational site giving a place for voices and spotlight to all that are living and breathing. We are in search of fighters, evolving human beings that want more than what they have been handed.

    LOS ANGELES, CA, December 08, 2011 /24-7PressRelease/ -- We are you, the hopefuls the dreamers, unstoppable trains traveling through life, only stopping for improvements and continuous knowledge that this great world has to offer. We are the wounded the strong and the optimistic voices that echo, "I have yet been beaten and I'm never going to be done". We are warriors and the indestructible tortured raised by dysfunctional families only to realize, great ones come from dysfunction. Grazed by many hands that knock us down on our faces but never will we stay down because the fuel of our dreams is what continuously propels us up into the sky.

Life isn't what beats us, it's what teaches us that we are forever our dreams, and we are forever rebellious. In order to obtain all great things, all rules must be broken. To be able to realize you have no limits within yourself and nothing can stop you, as you finally first visualize, then take flight. We are you, with the ideas that we were born with choices not to simply follow everyone but to stand as an individual, creating a rich path of our own. In order to survive we must rebel, in order to live with one's self, we must have no regrets. We are you "Crowned Rebellion".

Crowned Rebellion's vision is to create a place for voices to be heard as well as an informational platform needed for today's and yesterday's generation. Giving a spot light on real people and real life issues that exist in today's society with the emphasis on bringing forth realistic and helpful information. Working with organizations and experts across the board giving them the opportunity to promote their tools as well as create awareness. Real life stories of people that have overcome real life struggles and were given a chance to reinvent, redirect their life with the help of experts, positive guidance or simply by choice.

This site is on the basis of today's society the freedom to speak, be and create as well as troubling issues, giving positive direction. So it ranges from one spectrum to the next without borders or prejudice. Its ingredients will shout out issues dealing with women and men as well as the gay community. We created a platform for the arts from visual, performance and musicians as well as writers in addition to a health and environmental section.

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Our attempt is to allow all who have overcome life's daily struggles and have a story to tell can do so on Crowned Rebellion, sign up for our free site. We believe that everyone has a story to tell about evolving and becoming. Financially rich is not always the riches but the spiritually rich are the ones that shine a bit brighter in CR's world. The site is about being rebellious, going against all odds and not allowing dysfunction to break you or define you. It doesn't matter where you are we are available to interview you online or if you are in the Los Angeles, Washington DC or even New York area we can come to you.

We seek the truth and visions from real people, creative and even the non creative that deserve the right to share their stories simple because they are human as we all are.

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