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Cutting Edge Fuel Solutions From Sierra Help Boaters Protect Critical Engine Parts While Meeting Government Regulations

Sierra hoses and fuel/water separating filters offer boaters protection from the effects of ethanol-blended fuels on their engines. The Sierra Fuel and Water Separating Filter will effectively filter debris down to the 10-micron level.

    NEWBURY PARK, CA, February 03, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The use of ethanol-bended gasoline in our nation's fuel supply is a reality. In the past year, the EPA announced that gasoline with up to 15% ethanol (or E15) is approved for use in all cars made after the year 2000. Corresponding fuel pumps will be marked to denote the increased Ethanol amount, but there still lies a potential to mistakenly pump E15 into your boats fuel tank. Sierra is aware of this critical link and has built its reputation on providing the marine industry with products engineered to meet the challenging conditions onboard a vessel -- as well as increasingly stringent environmental regulations.

While the nation's automotive fleet might be able to tolerate E15 gas, many marine engines and fuel systems, especially in older vessels, will notice the difference. When the use of ethanol-blended gasoline was first introduced, boaters were among the first to have to deal with the potentially destructive effects of ethanol in the fuel. Rubber hoses and fittings, even some older fiberglass gas tanks, came under attack from the increased levels of alcohol. Because ethanol will absorb water when stored for more than a couple of weeks (a common occurrence for many boats and motors), water in the fuel system caused major engine issues. The corrosive nature of alcohol scoured metal gas tanks, resulted in debris in the fuel; which in turn clogged fuel filters.

At Sierra, we support the more efficient use of all resources, whether it's fuel, air or water. We know that there are bigger issues to be addressed than whether or not you've got ethanol in your gas tank. That is why we have been continually investing in R&D to come up with products that will let boaters take advantage of the benefits of our nation's natural resources without having to worry about any potential side-effects.

Sierra has developed ethanol-resistant hoses and connectors that easily handle E15 fuel with no problems. In fact, we have introduced a new Silverado 4000 hose product, along with a new EPA certified fuel bulb, that has many of the same characteristics of the older rubber hoses (flexible, easy to rig, etc.) We also offer a full line of lubricants and fuel system additives, like our Sierra eGuard Fuel Additive, that allow boaters to treat fuel before problems arise.

The performance of today's high-tech boat engines depends on a steady, reliable flow of contaminant-free fuel. Boaters face kind of a 'perfect storm' when it comes to high-tech engines and the addition of ethanol to our fuel supply. Fuel/water separator filters may not be the most glamorous part of a boat, but they're the first line of defense and offer extremely economical protection.

All things considered, a high-quality fuel/ water separating filter from Sierra is one of the most important choices in dealing with ethanol laden fuels. Sierra filters are tested and proven to not only remove emulsified water but also debris down to the 10-micron level. With over 1 million filters produced and in-use worldwide, Sierra is the name to trust in terms of filtration. Sierra filters are designed to meet the most stringent industry and governmental standards and are backed by Sierra's industry leading warranty, giving boaters' confidence in the integrity of their boat before leaving the dock.

If you have not installed a Sierra fuel/water separator filter, now is the time. If your boat is going to sit idle for more than a few days, make sure you treat the fuel with Sierra eGuard storage additive. As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. With the right choice of Quality products from Sierra and some advance precautions, you can fill up with confidence and enjoy your time on the water without worry.

Quality fuel components are critical to long-term vessel operation. Sierra offers a comprehensive fuel solution that supplies the right combination of performance components for specific marine applications.

Driven by industry requirements and fueled by years of expertise, their unique products offer cost-effective solutions to the demanding marine environment. The future of boating depends on better fuel efficiency, enhanced engine performance, and environmental responsibility. Sierra leads the charge in developing products which meet these criteria. Sierra doesn't just offer fuel components, they provide fuel solutions.

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