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'Ddashago Studio' Noteworthy Content Providing Company Specialized in Creative Education with a Nature-friendly Concept

Get the love for nature and creativity through adorable animation characters.

    ANYANG, KOREA, August 26, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Ddashago Studio, which is developing smart learning contents with 2D and 3D animation, aims to develop educational content that would make children in cities realize the importance of nature and ecology. With their accumulated skills and know-how, the company has released natural and beautiful 3D animation 'Kong Kong Kong Ari.'

Kong Kong Kong Ari is a short animation with the theme 'clean water' and features three cute characters: a red haired girl called 'Ari,' a responsible tumble bug 'Donguri' and smart recycle expert 'Bibi.' Kong Kong Kong Ari is now being shown in the eco story center in Anyang ecomuseum. Natural graphic and adorable characters are eye-catching enough for children.

They also produced an application called 'Kongkong Malang eco-classroom' which contains an experiment kit and card sets that help children with learning about plants. This is an application for the science education and with the three characters in Kong Kong Kong Ari, it helps children observe plants around them more carefully and get the relative knowledge with great fun. Kongkong Malang eco-classroom can be searched and downloaded in Google Play. Not only that, if users also get the experiment kit, they can check information with QR codes and do the actual experiment with the contents in the kit. Kong Kong Kong Ari animation becomes available if users download the application.

They are also producing a creative math learning app 'GuriGuri Bug Math' featuring the character 'Donguri' and 3D TV animation series 'COSIMOSI' which is being developed in collaboration with a French company.

"We aim to produce warm-hearted educational contents that makes children understand nature with great fun, not the grade-oriented education," the CEO Jeonghwa Kim emphasized.

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