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Dear President Obama: Please Take a Look at the Fundamentals Why Education and Society Are Both Messed Up

Education is messed up as the emotional baggage of the students is not only ignored, it is made worse; resulting in creating educated minds with miseducated/emotionally-challenged brains. Emotionally challenged brains create the mess in society.

    RIDGEFIELD, NJ, September 03, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The biggest hurdle that our sages discovered to a secure, happy and prosperous society was lack of wisdom. They became so enamored and fascinated with wisdom that uncovering and defining wisdom became an obsession. Wisdom became the magic bullet that would plug all the loop holes of society. So they focused on trying to make the world wise. They tried to figure out what is wisdom. To this day our wisdom experts are still trying to figure out wisdom.

Our Greek philosophers took the wrong direction in researching ways to fix the problems of society. They assumed that wisdom is an independent entity. No one thought that perhaps wisdom is a secondary entity. To this day our wisdom experts have hardly questioned this early assumption. They continue to believe that wisdom is a stand alone entity, which it is not. Here are some of the facts about wisdom

1) Wisdom is the wealth of intelligence and just like wealth it does not exist on its own. Wisdom is just a cover word for its attributes; where the nature of its attributes is such that each attribute has all the properties of all the other attributes. No wonder when wisdom is examined we see its attributes but no wisdom.

2) Wisdom is a fragrance of an emotionally super mature brain. Trying to create wisdom is like trying to create a fragrance on its own. It is the plant that has to be nurtured into creating a superior fragrance. Similarly it is the brain that has to be nurtured from infancy and retooled in adults.

3) Wisdom is the smoke where the emotional baggage free brain is the fire. No wonder it is almost impossible to create wisdom as it is impossible to create smoke without the fire. So it is the brain that has to be re-tuned to generate wisdom.

4) Wisdom is projected through the biochemical reactions of the physical brain. It is projected physically and effortlessly by a super mature emotionally intelligent brain. It is a result of the brain that physically generates and experiences wisdom. Thus wisdom cannot be understood through words; it has to be experienced physically by the brain.

5) Wisdom is super mature emotional intelligence. Intelligence and emotional intelligence are the two wheels of human intelligence. Life is a bumpy ride if any one of the two wheels is messed up.

6) Wisdom is not the crowning glory of human intelligence. It is the essential one half of human intelligence. It is not just for sages and philosophers; it is essential for every life.

7) Wisdom is a physical as well as an emotional health issue. Lack of wisdom means the emotional baggage is being generated, which means toxic biochemicals are being generated that produce illness that is physical as well as emotional.

8) Wisdom is super mature brain health. Lack of wisdom is brain sickness.

9) Wisdom is selflessness as all the attributes of wisdom are made up of selflessness. However even selflessness cannot be taught. Selflessness education is about unlearning selfishness.

10) Above all wisdom is blocked by the emotional baggage. Removing the emotional baggage creates wisdom. Thus wisdom education is emotional baggage removal brain therapy. Wisdom education has nothing to do with teaching wisdom, it is about healing the emotional baggage creating sickness of the brain.

The biggest hurdle to an Utopian society to this day is the emotionally challenged brains of the majority of mankind. The problem of society is not lack of wisdom; it is the emotional baggage generating property of the brain. The problem is the emotionally challenged behavior that causes all this turmoil in society. "Experts are tackling fundamental issues on the role of education in the national and global economy.- Brookings Institute. Yet we are sure that when education improvement is researched and even discussed, emotional baggage, the first and the main cause of all this mess in society and in education does not even come up.

The fundamental reason why education is messed up is our experts keep trying to figure out wisdom and how to teach it. In the meantime education is messed up as emotionally challenged brains that are incapable of focusing on learning are forced to learn. As a result current education creates educated minds with miseducated/emotionally challenged brains. Emotionally challenged brains create the mess in society.

In spite of all this research to understand our self where has man gone wrong? Why is there so much confusion in knowing, understanding and becoming our true self? Why is society still such a big mess? We not only do little to retool the emotionally challenged brain; we make the emotional baggage worse by creating trophy self images by bringing up our children on the belief that they are the best.

As wisdom is a secondary entity it cannot be taught directly. Lack of wisdom is due to the fact that wisdom is blocked by the emotional baggage. Thus wisdom education is brain therapy that frees the brain of the emotional baggage.

Our current society is emotional baggage driven. Crime alone costs the nation over a trillion dollars. Just imagine an America where the vast majority are emotionally-super-mature/wise. It will happen if our leaders take up emotional baggage removal education for the young and the old.

PS: A consensus among the wisdom experts has developed that wisdom cannot be defined in words and yet each expert keeps describing wisdom through other words.

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We have published over 1600 articles, blogs, essays, papers and press releases and yet none of our education leaders have taken any action. Well President Obama, Sonia Gandhi, Secretary Duncan, Secretary Kerry, Bill Gates, Google Bosses, Bill & Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Senators McCain, Menendez, Senators and Congressmen, Sheikha Moza, Queen Noor, Mayor Booker and all wisdom researchers must wake to and take action on the fundamental crisis of emotional baggage running people's lives.

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