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Dearing Veterinary Clinic Stresses The Importance Of Animal Vaccinations In Abilene

There is a right time for the right vaccines, and the Dearing Veterinary Clinic can help your pet stay healthy and happy. Read the story below!

There is a right time for the right vaccines, and the Dearing Veterinary Clinic can help your pet stay healthy and happy. Read the story below!

    ABILENE, TX, January 17, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The bond between pet and owner is strong. And some even go as far as considering pets their children. That's not a stretch-it's fact. Big or small, hairy or hairless-pets need our love and care. If you decide to add a pet to your family lineup, you need to provide them with the best care. To make sure your pet is healthy, there are preventative measures you should take, such as vaccinations. Just like you get a flu shot, your animal's vaccinations in Abilene can help combat the many illnesses that can affect them.

What is a vaccine? It's a shot that stimulates the body's immune system. A vaccine helps the body build up antibodies to fight an infection. How does this work? In a vaccine, there are antigens. The antigens resemble the disease it is trying to prevent, so your body mildly reacts to it, helping you build immunity to the real virus.

Some people don't get flu shots, and they don't get the flu. If it's avoidable, why should your pet get a vaccine? Humans take more precautions and know what to steer clear of to avoid contagious illnesses. Pets aren't able to take the same precautions and increase their risk of being exposed to contagious diseases.

The fact-vaccines are an integral part in determining the overall health of your pet. A veterinarian will recommend core vaccines during your pet's first four months. Core vaccines for dogs include canine parvovirus, distemper, canine hepatitis and rabies. Non-core vaccines are Bordetella bronchiseptica, Borrelia burgdorferi and Leptospira bacteria. Your vet will let you know if your pet needs non-core vaccines, depending on if there was an outbreak of an illness in your area.

Of course, cats and dogs are different, so the vaccines will also differ. For cats, core vaccines target feline distemper, feline calici virus, feline herpes virus type I and rabies. The non-core vaccines are for feline leukemia virus, Bordetella and Chylamydophila felis.

Around six to eight weeks of age, your pet needs to see a vet to receive core vaccines. The vaccines will be given in intervals, and by the time your pet is fully grown, annual vaccines will be recommended. And you should always remember to schedule a checkup. If you have more questions or concerns regarding animal vaccinations in Abilene, contact one of the vets at Dearing Veterinary Clinic.

To schedule animal vaccinations in Abilene, call (325) 698-3090. Or you can visit the veterinarians' user-friendly pet website at and submit an online appointment form. Give your pet the best care they can get. Talk to the Dearing Veterinary Clinic today!

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