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Defuse the Hidden Imbalance in Your Mind, Boost Your Intelligence, Score More Success and Live a Happier Life

The most significant secret of the mind is the hidden and growing imbalance that results from the contrasting natures of the progressive intellect and stagnant instincts that jointly command everything you do, large and small.

    SPRINGFIELD, NJ, September 11, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ -- A Unifying Theory of the Mind:

Defuse the Hidden Imbalance in Your Mind, Boost Your Intelligence, and Score More Success to Live a Happier Life

We have been negligent of the fact that our stagnant instincts, blur our reasoning faculty, and lead even the brightest among us to many avoidable mistakes, and hinder both our success and happiness. This study, 25 years in the making, published in six books, reveals that our instincts marginalize our intelligence and all humans use only a fraction their applied intelligence. Then it shows how to fix it to boost your intelligence. Erroneously, observing the human mind consisting of intellect alone has resulted in our ignoring instincts. This study has identified 17 different instincts, each of which drives a particular mode of human behavior. Our strongest instincts induce our deepest pleasure, and the temptations they create lead us to our gravest problems. This in-depth study of instincts, and how they interact with human intelligence, begins to solve this problem.

A test is designed through this study that identifies clients' strongest instincts. Then it shows how they can manage their mind instead of being manage by it, free their intellect from the tight grip of their instincts, boost their intelligence, score more success and live richer lives. This is why we say, "Meet Your Mind and Find Your Bliss."

The mind is bipolar and consists of both instincts and intellect. Disregarding the profound role that our powerful and primitive instincts play in all our affairs has created a profound confusion about man. If we ignore either instincts or intellect, we will never fully grasp what it is to be human.

Every human's collective experience in the realms of psychology, sociology, religion, arts, sports, politics, human sexuality, and the body-mind interface remains an insurmountable riddle. Not fully understanding them creates a vast void, which this research will help to overcome. For example, the most significant secret of the mind is the hidden and growing imbalance that results from the contrasting natures of the progressive intellect and stagnant instincts, shown below.

We have failed to realize that all human endeavors fall into two distinct categories, behavior and accomplishments. All human and animal conduct is primarily driven by unchanging instincts, while our achievements result from the function of the Utilitarian part of our intellect.

Humans' powerful instincts have molded the human condition from the start, and their unchanging nature has solidified it. Thus, our behavior today largely remains unchanged as we continue to fight wars, lie, cheat, steal, and kill, just as our distanced primitive ancestors did. Unlike them, however, we no longer travel on foot, but we cover vast distances in a short time with great ease, and we can communicate from any point on earth to any other. This unmistakable imbalance in human progress derives from the fact that our scientific achievements result from our advancing intellect, while our stagnant instincts drive our unchanging modes of conduct. The constant progress in one realm and the stagnation in the other pose a huge danger for our civilization.

Our "Meet Your Mind" program disassembles the mind into its individual components and studies its properties separately. Reassembling will provide a comprehensive inventory of the mind. Then you learn why, for example, the world has lived only 41 days without war in the past 5000 years. You see what inner forces compel spirituality, and why religion renders people so combative and how this tendency can be mitigated. You understand why humans love art, and learn that three different mental faculties desire three distinctly different categories of art. These faculties are not equally as sensitive and we react to their objects of love with different intensities. Thus, humans usually react to music more intensely than other arts. Hence, a concert performed by average artists invokes such emotions that people scream, cry and even faint, whereas this never happens in museums when viewing the works of true masters such as Michelangelo, Da Vinci, and Raphael. This introduces an in depth understanding of art for the first time and solves its mysteries that have been debated at the highest levels since Aristotle wrote his first book, Poetics on Art. Knowing what in the mind longs for what category of art and why will enable artists to elevate their creation to higher levels and will deepen art lovers' appreciation of art. This will equip the film industry with a formula to avoid huge losses from producing unpopular stories. You learn that contrary to the cliche that music is a universal language; all arts are universal languages except for music that is essentially tribal in nature because; a strong association exists between peoples' languages and their music. A different set of understanding unveils the mystery of human fascination with sports, and a better understanding of art and sports deepens our appreciation of the entire entertainment industry.

Finally, you observe the forces that render humans incurably political that hugely contributes to conflicts at all levels. You understand why of all beings humans alone are simultaneously polygamous and monogamous and thus the only species that is sexually confused. You see what mental forces construct ethics and morality and what other mental forces erode it.
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