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Democracy 3.0 Resolves That Self-Representation is the Mandatory Precursor to Establishing a True Democracy in America

Robert Weidenfeld's new book outlines viable plans to reengineer the American Commons into a True Democracy, to wipe out the $16 trillion deficit in less than one year and to provide funds for improving the national infrastructure.

    NEWMARKET, ON, March 01, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ -- In contemplation of presidential, congressional, gubernatorial and state elections in November 2012, Robert Weidenfeld's book proposes a viable alternative to the systems of governments that grossly abused and contravened the principles of true democracy ever since 1789, when George Washington became the first President of the original 13 united colonies.

The book reviews major historical events during the last 5,000 years, including the most significant systems of laws governing various societies during this lengthy period of time. Evidence from primary sources reveals that the United States' Constitution, designed in 1787, ratified in 1788 and implemented since 1789, is flawed to its core, it constitutes one the most conniving legal acts in recorded history and consequently, it should be abolished in its entirety. In its place, the book proposes reengineering the People's Commons systematically from the ground up. Then and only then, We The People, the true owners of America's land, could create new set of slim yet effective laws that would allow the nation's free market economy to function in the most efficient way humanly possible.

The author analyzes past and present systems of government, concluding that neither democracy nor republic is an appropriate definition of the governing structures in America, Canada and all other allegedly free societies. This common-sense conclusion leads the reader to the discovery of Homo Laweriens, the new sub-specie within the category of mammals known as Homo Sapiens. The new hominoid class is taxonomically divided in five groups of highly parasitic humans that act in unison to operate their non-democratic governing system named Holawcracy, the Rule of the Holaws. The definitions of all new English terms created within the book's context are listed in the book's Glossary.

The book's proposal to reengineer the American Commons and its legal system targets all registered voters in the November 2012 election. The author believes its contents would especially appeal to independently minded individuals, the silent majority of hard working and free spirited Americans who dare to dream about a better and truly democratic society, just like their ancestors did in 1776 when they gathered to fight for their independence from the British colonial government.

About the Author - Robert Weidenfeld holds a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from University of Wisconsin. He lived and worked in United States and Canada for more than thirty years designing complex computerized systems for both military and commercial applications. He draws his legal and historical knowledge from in-depth research conducted over the last eighteen years and counting.

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