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Divorce Atlanta Explains Why You Need an Atlanta Divorce Attorney

An Atlanta divorce attorney explains the necessity of having an attorney during divorce proceedings.

    ATLANTA, GA, April 18, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Divorce can be a nasty business and can be overwhelming. Having an attorney can change the very dynamic of your divorce and change the stakes. Splitting everything down the middle is not the law in every state, and Georgia is one of the states where division of assets is more complicated.

Having an experienced divorce attorney greatly increases the chances of you getting exactly what you are entitled to as a result of a divorce.

Less Stressful

Although many people know how to file for divorce, divorces can also be very strenuous, complex and, at times, catastrophic depending on the personalities of the people involved. Having an attorney lifts the burden of the heavy work off of your shoulders and places it firmly upon the shoulders of your very capable divorce attorney.

While you may have to divulge personal information to the attorney, that may be all you are required to do as the attorney handles most of the hard work.

Accurate and Timely

Acquiring the professional acumen of an experienced attorney can ensure that your divorce is concluded cleanly and error-free. There are many nuances to a divorce such as tax, retirement and investment implications that may go overlooked without the assistance of an attorney.

"Having an attorney will ensure not only that all your bases are covered, but also that they are done so in an efficient and effective manner," says family law attorney Steven R. Jacob. "Having a professional on your side to handle all of the paperwork and filing also avoids any delays that can occur from errors that are much easier to make when handling a divorce alone."

Binding Agreement

Although a court will look over any agreement you and your ex-spouse set out, there may be some points that are not be expressed as you truly intended them to. This can result in a divorce decree that inaccurately states what you wanted out of the divorce. By utilizing an attorney, you can ensure that your wishes are expressed clearly and the legal documents you present to the court fully express what you want.

If you have any questions regarding divorce, want to know how to file for divorce, or you're unsure whether you need an attorney for your divorce, contact the Law Offices of Steven R. Jacob today for a free consultation or learn more at

About Steven R. Jacob, Attorney at Law

Steven R. Jacob is an Atlanta divorce lawyer with over 30 years' experience helping clients lessen the burden of difficult times. His mission is to provide professional, understanding service without sacrificing face-to-face interaction with clients. Mr. Jacob has two law offices: one in Atlanta, and the other in Alpharetta. Call or visit either with any questions about divorce in GA.

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