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Do Not See These Movies Before Going to Summer Camp!

4 Super scary movies about campers and the bad things that happened to them.

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    Too Many Ghost Stories!
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    Do not Enter this Creepy Cabin!

    FAIRFIELD, CT, June 07, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Bedtime sounds at home: dogs barking, sirens blaring, and cars whizzing by. Bedtime sounds at camp: frogs croaking, crickets chirruping and raccoons scurrying under the cabin. Those sounds can be pretty unnerving for the uninitiated so why make it worse and watch one of these super scary movies about summer camp:

Friday the 13th (any of them!) - This very successful series of slasher films begins with the tragic death of a Camp Crystal Lake camper, Jason. When the cursed camp tries to open decades after Jason's death, someone (or something) tries to ensure that no one is left alive to receive the first camper. Really. And on it goes for more than a dozen sequels. Really.

Deliverance (1972) - This is not technically a summer camp movie but I can't see a canoe or walk in the woods without having flashbacks of some of the more disturbing scenes from this classic movie starring a young, virile Burt Reynolds.

Sleep Away Camp - I have not seen this movie and am not planning on seeing it. I list it here as a public service announcement. It is very gory and the one person I know who saw it said she had her hands over her eyes for most of the movie. So there.

Blair Witch Project - I did not find this movie very scary but when I asked a group of friends to name some movies that made them afraid to sleep in the woods, this movie's name came up over and over again.

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