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Does Your Team Like You? Ninjja Global Inc Reveal 7 Steps to Boost Your Likeability

Establishing yourself as an approachable, likeable leader is integral to the success of your team, says Miami-based direct marketing and sales company, Ninjja Global Inc.

    MIAMI, FL, March 15, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Research has proven workers are more willing to follow likeable leaders. If leaders are unpopular in the workplace, they may command a reluctant following, but it will undoubtedly be short-lived, regardless of their credentials or vision.

About Ninjja Global:

It has been suggested that tyrannical leaders who lack emotional intelligence are more likely to burn out their team members before they are given the chance to prove what they are actually capable of. A spokesperson from Ninjja Global Inc explained: "Being a good leader is pivotal for business success and likability is a critical trait for leaders. The best leaders get people to buy into them and their vision."

To ensure the smooth running of their business, Ninjja Global Inc leaders are encouraged to personify certain qualities. After launching an investigation into what makes a good leader, the firm has finally revealed the seven qualities that create a likeable leader.

1. Being personable
Tapping into emotional intellect is priceless when leaders are having conversations with members of their team. Friendly leaders communicate on a genuine, emotional level. It is important for them to remember the person they are in conversation with is a real human being, with real feelings outside of their work status.

2. Being approachable
There is nothing worse than feeling anxious about 'bothering' a superior with questions or ideas. A genuinely likeable leader makes it clear to everyone, regardless of ranking or ability, that they are deserving of their time and attention.

3. Being humble
Being humble works wonders for your likeability status. There is nothing worse than an arrogant boss who thinks they are better than others. It can often be intimidating and makes it hard to relate to the leader.

4. Positivity
Putting a positive spin on proceedings goes a long way in the workplace, and will always be noticed by members of your team. Even in undeniably adverse situations, likeable leaders emit enthusiasm for the future, a confidence that hey can help make tomorrow better than today.

5. Generosity
Being forthcoming with knowledge and resources is beneficial to everyone and will be acknowledged as a generous act to further the success of a team. Generous leaders should believe your success is their success.

6. Reading people
High social awareness is valued in business. Learning how to read people is a crucial skill which will benefit both a leader and those working close to them. Noticing unspoken communication such as facial expressions, body language and tone of voice helps leaders to understand what others are really saying, and is a supportive and hugely appreciated quality to possess.

7. Integrity
Likeability often lies in the integrity of the person. Inspiring trust and admiration through their actions as well as their words, will be noted. Demonstrating that they will not only talk the talk but also walk the walk, indicates that a leader is a person who deserves respect. This will make people warm to them and get on board with their vision.

Ninjja Global Inc. focuses on generating personalized, quality outcomes for their clients and their consumers through face-to-face acquisitions and advertising. The company design and implement intuitive, customized marketing campaigns that deliver maximum exposure for clients, with a fusion of intelligence and creativity. The firm believes emphasizing the importance of leadership skills in their line of work is crucial to the successful execution of their marketing campaigns and guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

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