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Don't Let Sun Exposure Ruin Your Skin

Westmoreland Dermatology Associates discuss the dangers of too much sun exposure.

Westmoreland Dermatology Associates discuss the dangers of too much sun exposure.

    MONROEVILLE, PA, May 18, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- We think everybody is excited to soak up the sun, especially after such a cold winter. Being out and under the sun spurs a production of vitamin D in your body, and vitamin D has been linked to many health benefits.

However, you shouldn't overdo sun exposure because it can negatively impact the skin's condition. A tan may look healthy and attractive, but putting your skin through continuous baking sessions only accelerates the aging process and risk of skin cancer.

The Skin Cancer Foundation cites that skin cancer is still the most common form of cancer, which is the main concern the Westmoreland Dermatology Associates have for their patients. They want patients to safely enjoy the sun, not burn themselves and their health.

How much is too much Sunscreen?
The answer-you can never have too much sunscreen. Dermatologists actually recommend a person reapply sunscreen at least every two hours. It's not guaranteed that the sunscreen a person puts on in the morning will protect his/her skin all day. To be safe, carry a travel bottle of sunscreen at all times.

Will Sunscreen Clog Pores?
Yes, certain types of sunscreen can clog pores, and that's why people need to research and figure out which sunscreen works best for their skin.

Tips for finding your sunscreen:

- Determine your skin type (oily, sensitive, normal or combination)
- Look for sunscreen that caters to a specific skin type
- Take samples and test them out
- Make a pro's and con's list for each sunscreen

People with oily skin have the most trouble finding sunscreen because it can clog the pores, causing more breakouts. For this skin type, people might be better off with a gel-based sunscreen, and they need to make sure the bottle says "non-comedogenic," which means oil-free.

Are you having trouble taking care of your skin? A consultation at the Monroeville dermatology office of Westmoreland Dermatology Associates can help you find the right skin care regiment that will help you protect, moisturize and balance your natural skin color. The dermatology associates also have a certified dermatologist who provides Mohs surgery for patients with skin cancer.

About Westmoreland Dermatology Associates:
Westmoreland Dermatology Associates was established in 1986, and their group of talented dermatologists continues to provide the best care for patients. Westmoreland Dermatology Associates remain the largest practice in Western Pennsylvania, and their quality and ethical care are the core values found at all four locations. Drs. Regis McHugh, Jeffrey Wolff, Fred Hamaty, Anthony Van Norman, Christopher Hunzeker and Matthew Hazey are American Board of Dermatology certified dermatologists. Alongside these dermatologists, four physician assistants offer their talent and expertise, David Patterson, Christa McHugh, Deborah Patterson and Ashleigh J. Miller.

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