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Dr. Oz Discusses the Potential Dangers of LASIK Surgery

Popular TV show exposes why some patients are getting unnecessary surgery on a necessary part of their bodies.

    BALTIMORE, MD, November 25, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- An October 3rd, 2013 episode of The Doctor Oz Show featured the potential risks of LASIK surgery that many patients aren't aware they are getting themselves into when deciding to undergo an optional surgery on a very necessary part of their body.

According to the FDA, an estimated 600,000 people in the United States undergo LASIK treatment each year. The television show analyzed data obtained from a large group of patient reports and through normal FDA reporting records and discovered an astounding statistic. After the procedure is complete, even with the most technologically advanced laser on the market, a whopping one in five patients report having worse vision than before undergoing LASIK.

The Doctor Oz Show also cited a Consumer Reports survey in which two-thirds of LASIK patients noted that they had to wear contact lenses and/or glasses at least some of the time after undergoing the procedure.

But, vision alone was not the only problem many LASIK patients dealt with after surgery. Many reported visual distortions, painful dry eyes, and/or weakened corneas due to the procedure itself. According to The Doctor Oz Show, several patients have even committed suicide over the symptoms associated with post-LASIK eye damage.

Katie Dean, daughter of LASIK patient Larry Campbell, spoke during the episode, detailing her father's suicide. Even in his suicide note, Campbell cited LASIK surgery as the reason for taking his own life. "All he would talk about was his eye pain and his eyes," Dean was quoted as saying in the video footage. "He couldn't live that way and it eventually cost his life."

But, as extreme as this example is, that level of pain does not have to be the normal course for many LASIK patients experiencing side effects from their procedure.

According to Dr. Irwin Azman, an optometrist with Azman Eye Care Specialists, LASIK patients who are now experiencing side effects can find hope with modern technologies.

"While LASIK surgery can be successful under optimum eye conditions, unfortunately many patients do experience side effects due to pre-existing conditions. However, there is hope. Utilizing our vast experience and expertise, as well as an array of new technologies, we are able to treat these side effects with non-surgical techniques."

Dr. Irwin Azman offers LASIK patients help with side effects of LASIK surgery. They can be contacted via the web at or via telephone at (410) 561-6071.

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Dr. Irwin Azman provides specialized treatment for patients dealing with side effects due to LASIK surgery.

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