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Dw Dunphy's Latest Novella Asks If A Super-Villain Can Ever Truly Go Legit

The Last Stand For Jasmine Jett introduces ideas about what it takes to truly be redeemed in society, and then follows up with a burp joke.

"There were only two ways: you either killed the bad guys or you locked them up forever. But we know there's a third way, and it's called redemption."

    RED BANK, NJ, May 07, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Who is Jasmine Jett and why is she trying to disappear? What is required to live a life on the right side of the law when your previous occupation has notoriously been as super-villain? Can you ever really be forgiven in a society that can always be reminded of your past misdeeds, and a superheroic industry that relies on having adversaries in order to exist? And how does a lonely girl with horrible social skills fall in love with an Information Technology expert with equally horrible social skills, and try not to have the whole thing blow up?

That is the premise of Dw Dunphy's latest novella, The Last Stand For Jasmine Jett, available through Amazon as a Kindle book. Dunphy used the fantastic and absurd world of superheroes and super-villains to make comments on the nature of forgiveness, or lack thereof, in today's world. "It's an aspect of it that always bugged me when I read comics or watched superhero movies," Dunphy said. "There were only two ways: you either killed the bad guys or you locked them up forever. But we know there's a third way, and it's called redemption."

But with so much at stake for those who fight "the good fight," a mechanism is in place that might not want one to find redemption, or to live a law-abiding life. As is experienced by the lead character Lisa DiVincenzo, the one-time bank robber in a purple bustier called Jasmine Jett, job opportunities are few for an ex-criminal, and the circumstances of a post-crime life have specialized needs. While this sounds like the set-up for a dire, gritty tale about life on the outs, Dunphy denies it strenuously. "It's about superpeople, for cryin' out loud. How serious does it have to be?"

Written over a five month period, The Last Stand For Jasmine Jett gave Dunphy the chance to poke a sharp stick at the current fascination with superpeople in movies. "You couldn't hardly get a superhero script greenlit two decades ago, much less actually on the screen, and now it's a dominant genre. Even so, there are things that haven't changed from those first films to today, like the good guys and bad guys destroying city blocks, crushing roads, and such. What about the people who live in those buildings and use those roads? Do they appreciate these folks or tolerate and secretly despise them? And what is a drunk, or depressed, or obsessive superperson like anyway? Are their bathrooms filthy?"

Taking his cues from favorite authors like Douglas Adams and Kurt Vonnegut, Dunphy chases after absurdism. "I want these to be real people in this somewhat unreal environment, and I want the reader to laugh as they read it, but then come away asking some tough questions. Do we as a society have the capacity to truly forgive, or do we just make it harder for people to do right by society, essentially making being 'good' a double punishment? And then I want to follow that up with a burp joke."

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Dw Dunphy is a musician, writer, blogger, Internet radio show host, part-time dieter, full-time diet breaker, and an observer of life in general. Through his varied modes of expression, Dunphy always attempts to see the world from an alternate angle, and hopes that others see it his way as well.

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