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All Press Releases for December 03, 2012 »
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eeGon Announces TurtleStrike for iOS and Android

eeGon, a rising developer of mobile games, announces TurtleStrike for iOS and Android devices.
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    PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC, December 03, 2012 /EIN Presswire/ -- eeGon, a rising developer of mobile games, announces TurtleStrike for iOS and Android devices. TurtleStrike is online multiplayer strategy that combines the best of tabletop, turn based and RPG elements together to reach all new levels of gameplay. Release date is set to first quarter 2013.

- Regular tournaments with prizes up to US$ 1000.
- No more waiting for your opponent's turn! TurtleStrike is Live Turn Based game. (Both players take their turns at the same time.)
- Skill-based; easy to learn, hard to master.
- Free to play, but not pay to win. Most of the weapon upgrades are more like "sidegrades."
- There is minimum communication between your device and the server, no lag even on slow 3G networks.

Both you and your opponent start with 10 turtles and first player who manages to wipe all enemy turtles wins. But before the game starts, you have to place your turtles into 3 formations. You can customize different shapes of formations - as long as your turtles are touching side to side.

Ok, you have your turtles in place, now what? Each group of turtles can do one of the following actions each turn:

* Move
* Shoot a Missile - usually a short ranged ballistic weapon.
* Shoot a Torpedo - a long ranged weapon that can be guided around islands and obstacles by "painting" on your touch screen.

There are also special moves:

* Shield - each group can shield itself only once per match; turtles in a chosen formation hide inside their shells, making themselves invulnerable for that turn.
* Use Secret Special Weapon - cooldown-based unique abilities that can completely change the outcome of the game.

Concept art, screenshots, detailed features and more are available at
Press kit link:
For more information contact:

eeGon, born from dissatisfaction. Born from rage. Born from eggs. Brings you a new title, known only as TurtleStrike. Seven highly frustrated individuals decided to bring pc level standards of gaming to mobile devices; not by graphics, not by brand names. Just by pure gameplay. That's what we do.

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