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Electronic Vapor Kits Make Big Splash In America

The Electronic Vapor Kit-A proven choice for people looking to make a lifestyle change. Advanced personal vaporizers are a safe and effective way to satisfy your cravings.

    May 12, 2011 /24-7PressRelease/ -- A landmark 50-person study showed that the new high-tech personal vaporizers are the de facto answer for people looking to finally switch. The research was conducted on people ranging from the ages of 25-53 and was carried over the time frame of four weeks. The breakthrough personal device used for this study was a two-piece model with an atomizer built into each cartridge. This 2.0 technology is brand new and has only been around for less than a year. These innovative eco-friendly products produce a much greater volume of vapor giving the user the exact same look, feel and taste of puffing the real thing. The conclusion was that over 80% of the participants claimed that their electronic devices were an effective method to make the switch.

Personal Vaporizer Benefits:
- No tar, carbon monoxide, ash or butts
- Cartridges cost significantly less than a real pack
- You can save hundreds to thousands each year
- Does not stain or yellow the teeth, fingernails and skin
- Virtually eliminates the risk of fires
- Recommended by many doctors and dentists
- Looks, tastes and feels like the real thing

Real buzz about these devices made it to TV and the Internet. On "The Doctors", a US syndicated TV show, they discussed this key health trend making big waves. Personal vaporizers are giving people across the globe a reason to switch and were featured as one of their top ten key health trends for 2011. Methods such as chewing gum or wearing a patch, while they help combat cravings, don't mimic the experience of that most people still find themselves longing for.

The action of sucking air through the device atomizes the concentrated liquid contained within the cartridge and releases only harmless water vapor, which is odorless and non-toxic to others. Secondary to its many benefits, electronic vaporizers also cost hundreds to thousands less a year compared to traditional puffing methods. Personal vaporizer cartridges cost just a few bucks, and are the equivalent to two full packs each.

Invented by a pharmacist who sought to help addicted users find an alternative, these devices have been seen in the hands of celebrities and avid vaporizer fans such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Paris Hilton, and Katherine Heigl, who demonstrated the product on "The Late Show" with David Letterman. Celebrities worldwide extol the vaporizer's virtues as a device that can be carried anywhere and used anywhere they go.

These new two-piece advanced devices are by far the best product available in today's market. They offer the most vapor per puff, offer the longest lasting cartridges and offer a long lasting lithium-ion battery, similar to those found in today's smartphones. But, most importantly, they look, feel and taste like the real thing. This is the driving reason behind the thousands of people incorporating this product into their daily lives. The company behind this product is currently offering a limited-time free trial promotion of this revolutionary device available in a complete starter kit while supplies last.

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