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Energy Bulbs Offer A Cheaper Lighting Alternative

Reduced bills with LED lighting.

    BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND, September 13, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The question is do most of us wish to reduce our electricity bills? The obvious answer is yes, but how do you go about doing so, do you follow every member of your household around the home making sure the light is turned off the minute they have left the room?

Well at they think a much easier solution to saving electricity would be to consider fitting some form of energy saving light bulbs or LED light bulbs throughout your home. However whilst LED bulbs are now available for a very wide range of light fitments and whilst the prices of them have now dropped dramatically, Energy Bulbs recognise that they are still slightly more expensive than the figure you may have in mind if you want to change over all of your bulbs for ones that use less energy.

While both LED bulbs and energy saving bulbs can be supplied, both of which use a great deal less energy than conventional light bulbs, they are also the first to recognise that there is still a substantial difference in price between LED light bulbs and energy saving bulbs. So if you are on a budget and wish to reduce your energy costs then Energy Bulbs would suggest to you that energy saving bulbs are the ones to opt for, rather than LED ones. As to replace a conventional light bulb that you would find in a ceiling pendant you can buy an energy saving bulb in a GLS fitment for just under GBP2, but an equivalent GLS LED light bulb would be just under GBP12. However it is worth noting that there are also technological differences between the two and the LED Bulb will last longer than the equivalent energy saving bulb will.

Also when you first turn on an energy saving bulb it can take a minute or so for it to warm up fully and give out the full volume of light with the correct colouration, whereas an LED bulb will turn on and instantly give out its full volume of light. If you are uncertain as to which replacement bulb to purchase for your chosen application then do not hesitate to give Energy Bulbs a call to discuss your requirements with one of their trained advisors, who will make sure that you order the right energy saving bulb for your application. recommend the use of energy saving bulbs throughout your home, so that you reduce your electricity bill as much as you possibly can. Indeed they are confident in recommending the widespread use of energy saving light bulbs as these type of bulbs have been around for quite some years now and are a tried and tested technology, and you can be assured by Energy Bulbs that they are perfectly safe to use and will never cause any problems to your existing electrical system whatsoever. They are just as safe to use as conventional filament bulbs are, in fact probably more so as they do not get as hot.

So if you wish to reduce your electrical bills virtually overnight, but have a limited budget then we thoroughly recommend the use of energy saving bulbs throughout the home or office.

Energy Bulbs are one of the UK's leading online light bulb retailers, stocking all types of lighting from energy saving LEDs through to Halogen bulbs and Fluorescent tubes.

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