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ENT in Washington Says, 'Don't Let Sinus Infections Get You Down'

Washington, D.C. ENT, Dr. William R. Bond, Jr., offers an effective treatment plan to combat sinus problems.

Washington, D.C. ENT, Dr. William R. Bond, Jr., offers an effective treatment plan to combat sinus problems.

    WASHINGTON, D.C., June 07, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- You've been dealing with the same pesky symptoms for days now-nasal congestion, pressure, headaches, sore throat and general malaise. You barely want to get out of bed let alone go to work or run errands. If a sinus infection has you stopped in your tracks, it's time to fight back. Visit Dr. William R. Bond, Jr., your Washington, D.C. ENT. He'll treat your sinus infection and get you feeling back to your old self in no time.

"It seems hard to believe that about 30 million Americans suffer with sinus infections every year. That's a lot of people who are suffering and I want my patients to feel better as soon as possible," says Dr. Bond, who treats sinus infections in Washington D.C. "If people have dealt with sinus infections before they might just ignore it and hope that it goes away on its own; however, there is no reason to feel miserable when they can be easily treated."

At any point in your life you might experience acute or chronic sinusitis, nasal polyps, a deviated septum or allergic rhinitis. Instead of just putting up with the annoying symptoms, why not receive a proper diagnosis and treatment from Dr. Bond? "People are worried that doctor's visits will take up the majority of their day, so many patients hold off when they really should be in my office. The diagnostic process is quick and easy. In no time patients are walking out the door with a proper treatment regime to help get them back on their feet."

When you visit your Washington, D.C. ENT you'll want to share your list of symptoms so that he can figure out a treatment plan that is just right for you and your health. "After I talk to the patient about his symptoms, then I'll check the nasal passages for signs of polyps, and I'll shine a light into the sinuses to see if there is inflammation," says Dr. Bond, who treats sinus infections in D.C. "It's pretty easy to diagnose a sinus infection. I've seen my fair share."

Once Dr. Bond has performed a thorough exam, he'll tailor a treatment plan to fit your needs. "I'm not one for just prescribing antibiotics for a standard sinus infection. If there is a fever or severe swelling I will put them on an antibiotic regime right away; however, most of the time that isn't necessary," says Dr. Bond. "Overall, patients are coming to me looking for relief. So I often recommend Ibuprofen for any pain or pressure and to use a humidifier and also a Neti pot to clean out the sinuses. Of course, if a patient continues to deal with recurrent sinus infections, we will want to have him or her come to the office for a thorough evaluation."

For more information on how to treat sinus infections in Washington D.C., call Dr. William R. Bond, Jr. at (202) 726-7770 to schedule or an appointment. Or visit his website at

About Dr. William R. Bond, Jr. M.D.: A native Washingtonian, Dr. Bond graduated from the Saint Louis University School of Medicine. From there Dr. Bond went on to complete general surgery training and Otolaryngology-head and neck surgery. When not in his office, Dr. Bond is also a faculty member at Georgetown University and Howard University.

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