All Press Releases for October 07, 2011 More Software Reviews and New Computer Forum

New added forum with support for various topics such as hardware, software, drivers and other general computer issues. eReviewGuide puts a focus on computer news with regular updates including rss feed.

    BELLEVUE, WA, October 07, 2009 /24-7PressRelease/ -- One of the challenges for sites nowadays is how to make a mark. With the abundance of resources and sites on the Internet that deals with a particular subject matter, it's difficult to make an impression. Unless you're the pioneer in the field, it would be an uphill battle to get noticed and get good visitor traffic. It may be hard, but it's not impossible. People are people, whether it's the Internet or somewhere else. The best way to get noticed is to provide more value that people could benefit from. This is the strategy that eReviewGuide is using for its site.

Aside from the software reviews, the site also provides driver and applications downloads for its visitors. And one of the most useful features that it has is its forum which has topics that go beyond software. It has very useful and relevant content which extends toward hardware topics such as motherboards, processors, laptops, and printers and scanners.

Primarily, eReviewGuide is a site dedicated to providing software reviews for different products. The goal is to provide its readers with enough information about a product before they actually buy it. The exceptional thing that the site is doing is that it goes beyond that. The site also aims to update its driver and software list regularly to provide helpful content to its readers. Another thing that would delight readers is that the service is provided for free.

And to extend its reach, the site also deals with gaming software and consoles. One can find information about the popular gaming consoles like Wii and PS3 from the site. One can also see discussions on MMORPGs to cater to people who are interested in online gaming.

One of the interesting features of the site is that it extends its forums to hardware concerns. This is one thing that provides added value to the site. One can look at the computer forums for your PC issues that goes beyond software. And since the Internet should provide updated resources, one can find recent software topics on eReviewGuide. You can find the windows 7 forums to get information about the latest OS offering from Microsoft. And speaking of updates, you can also find the latest computer news in the forums and on the site itself.

One can argue that eReviewGuide is undertaking quite an ambitious project. That observation has some weight on it. It will be difficult to provide material for all platforms and subjects. But even so, the site is keeping its end of the bargain. The good thing is that the burden is not on the site entirely. By making use of the forums, the site effectively gets help from its members as sources of information. What is important to note is that eReviewGuide is heading toward a good direction. By providing more value to its readers, it is definitely making itself more useful and relevant to its visitors. Through this strategy, it aims to create a niche for itself and make its mark on the competitive world of the Internet. The road may be tough, but the site has the right idea.


eReviewGuide is a highly respectable source of software reviews, guides, tips, resources and information online today. eReviewGuide also offers industry news and community forums apart from online reviews. This consumer guide aims to provide assistance to customers and users looking for software or online services, so they can make smart choices, whether in the matter of pre-sale or making actual purchases. Those who are planning to download a PDF Software like Corel PDF Fusion by Corel Corporation may take a closer look at the review guide and consumer tips on the site. Now, buyers can easily check which products are best suited for their personal or individual needs, just by checking out reviews and information published on


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