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Every Man's Real #1 New Year's Resolution: Have Better Sex More Often

Men are Pigs (And that's A Good Thing) author shares 27 keys to finding women who want love and need sex.

"One of the most difficult things is learning the signs that separate an insatiable woman from a coy imposter, who may seem like a wild child at first, but quickly cools to Ms. Once a week."

    FORT WORTH, TX, December 13, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The time for New Year's Resolutions is upon us and Men and Pigs (And That's A Good Thing) Author Ron Sturgeon has some advice for men: Skip the resolutions about losing weight, working out, making more money and quitting smoking. Sturgeon says that if men were completely honest, they would or could say what they really, really want is more sex, more often. That is most every man's real number one New Year's resolution.

Sturgeon asked men and women he interviewed for the book about their encounters with their most sexually adventurous partner. He asked what made that woman different from all the others. The result is the Holy Grail, a list of 27 traits and behaviors that separate Ms. All-the-time from Ms. Once a week, as well as other taboo topics on sex and relationships.

Sadly, he says, most men who are dating or in long term relationships including married get marooned on once-a-week-if-you-beg Island because they make the false assumption that all women have similar attitudes about sex.

"In the hundreds of interviews with dozens of questions that I did for the book, I discovered that about twenty percent of women think like men when it comes to sex." Women who fall in this group think about sex a lot, just like men. They ask for it, plan for it, and genuinely want to please their lovers.

"The men who are lucky enough to date a truly insatiable woman live on a sparsely populated lush paradise called As-often-as-I-want it Island," said Sturgeon.

"The good news for men is that it isn't as hard as they imagine to get to this magical place," said Sturgeon. "One of the most difficult things is learning the signs that separate a genuinely insatiable woman from a coy imposter, who may seem like a wild child at first but quickly cools to Ms. Once a week.

"The men who use tips from the book and the Holy Grail list lead happier, longer, and more orgasmic lives," said Sturgeon.

Married couples and women will also benefit from reading the book, which includes a chapter on menopause and how to have a robust sex life and relationship. Other chapters include dating hazards, where to find mates, and other interesting discoveries like "Pretty Girl Syndrome."

Ron is available to discuss the topics in the book, including the 27 characteristics, to help men and women as they set their new year's resolutions. Visit the media page at for a sample radio interview, list of proposed topics, and more information about Ron and the book.

Ron has been featured on Good Morning America, in USA Today, and in Men's Health Magazine. Ron's colorful and candid talk about women, dating, and sex has already earned the book over 30,000 Facebook followers ( The book can be ordered on Amazon or at

Mission Possible Publishing is a publisher of self-help and business books. Ron Sturgeon is a Fort Worth based business consultant, serial entrepreneur and business owner.

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Candid talk about the differences between the sexes by Men are Pigs (And That Is a Good Thing Author) Ron Sturgeon.

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