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F1 Enterprise Re-invent their Customer Service Strategy

New York-based direct marketing firm, F-1 Enterprise, has pointed out how important customer service is in the direct marketing industry and has announced that they have re-invented their customer service strategy.

    NEW YORK, NY, July 17, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Direct marketing is a form of advertising in which clients provide their chosen outsourcing agency with different promotions and services. The direct marketers are responsible for representing them in local markets in order to communicate information about the product or service with customers. Direct marketing does not involve advertisements placed on the internet, on television or over the radio. Instead it focuses on promotional campaigns, events, direct mail and face-to-face conversations to market the product successfully.

Direct marketing is an exceptionally well-established industry across the globe. It's an attractive solution for companies because the results are so easy to measure. As their customers are reached on a daily basis, clients can get day-to-day statistics on how their campaign is faring as well as fantastic feedback on their product or service.

F-1 Enterprise Inc. is a premier outsourcing solution located in the Bronx, New York. The firm specialize in a range of services such as direct marketing and customer acquisition, and is highly sought after by clients for their personalized and unique service. F-1 Enterprise focus on direct marketing, a face-to-face marketing approach that is highly cost-effective and guarantees clients a higher return on investment than more traditional forms of marketing such as TV and radio. The firm ensures their clients' marketing needs and goals are met and always strive to generate 100% customer satisfaction. This results in extended loyalty and awareness from consumers for their clients' brands.

The firm have recently come up with 3 new customer service strategies:

1. Be More Responsive
Response time is vital. Technology and social media has armed every business with the ability to hear directly from the customer. The business can engage customers and allow them to provide feedback that will significantly improve the level of customer service provided. Encourage engagement by offering contests or soliciting feedback from questions.

2. Capture Customer Information with Smart Technology
Getting more detailed information is a matter of investing in the right technology. Investing in knowledge management software will arm the business with information about their customers buying patterns, which can help increase customer service and generate more revenue. With the right tools, marketers can analyse the data and control the information, so that the business can become more responsive within its industry.

3. Build a Community
Most businesses cannot thrive without having loyal customers. Retaining the customers the business already has is significantly cheaper than attracting new customers. In order to increase the chances of retaining customers it is important to build a community around the brand. Establishing a community will allow the consumers to feel as though they are a part of the company. Begin with a social media presence but have an offline community as well. Look for ways to engage with customers in stores/at events so they can talk directly about products as well as online. The higher the engagement levels the more likely the business is to retain customers.

The level of customer service the business provides for its customers will directly affect the revenue stream. Instead of investing large amounts of money in recruiting new customers, use technology and knowledge to maintain existing customers. The first step to improving customer service is listening to the customers and identifying what functional areas within the business need improving.

About F-1 Enterprise Inc.

F-1 Enterprise Inc. is a New York based sales and marketing agency. The agency are specialists in brand awareness and direct marketing.

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