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Family Law Attorney, Divorce Atlanta, Discusses How Divorce Can Benefit Your Kids

This experienced, Atlanta-based divorce attorney discusses the positive effects of divorce for children.

    ATLANTA, GA, April 21, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The term "divorce" is usually associated with being a destroyer of the family unit. Of course there are negative effects associated with divorce, but sometimes the benefits can be overlooked, especially as it pertains to children.

Sometimes, divorce could be the best option long-term and provide a healthier environment in which to raise a child - one that could be even more beneficial than an environment where parents decide to stay together and work out their differences for the sake of their marriage and their kids. There are five key ways in which divorce can benefit your children and create a healthier interaction between parents and children.

5 Ways Divorce Can Benefit Children

1. When parents are happy individually, their kids are happier - When both parents are constantly warring with each other and having disagreements and fights in front of children, it often creates a hostile home environment that can poison the upbringing of a child. When parents are not happy together but have found their own happiness apart from each other, they become happier people overall. When parents are happy, they begin to have a healthier interaction with one another and that spills over to their children as well, creating a positive environment in which to raise a child.

2. Divorce can ease the tension in the household - With the tension between both parents gone, the house is now rid of an unnecessary stressor and creates a more relaxed atmosphere, in effect making the kids more relaxed. A change in the behavior of a child after removing this tension will be almost immediate and fruitful.

3. Getting a divorce puts an end to a bad relationship - When a toxic relationship is ended and transforms into a more positive one, this sends a great message to kids on what to expect out of a healthy relationship. This reinforces all the good in a relationship, which is much better than showing a child what it is like when parents constantly argue and fight with one another.

4. Shared custody forces both parents to parent more - When two parents share custody of a child, both parents then have to engage in more parenting during their respective times with the child, allowing the child to have the full parenting experience from both. This way, the child gets the undivided attention of their each parent individually.

5. There's a chance you'll find a better partner and your child will see you happier - There is always the possibility that after divorce, you will meet a person who suits you better and makes you a happier person. This has a positive effect on your child because seeing their parents happy will make them happy. Even if you do not find another mate, it will be healthy for your child to see you in a more positive light apart from disagreeing with the other parent all the time.

In divorce proceedings, children are typically the most difficult hurdle. There are always pros and cons to any situation we face in life and divorce is no different. Although splitting up with your spouse is a traumatic experience, it's important to focus on the best interest of the children involved. Their happiness can best be attained by both parents seeking their own individual happiness. This holds true whether that be together or apart.

Steven R. Jacob is a highly experienced divorce attorney with expertise on not only how to get a divorce, but how to get through a divorce with positive relationships intact.

"People tend to think that divorce is always negative for the children involved, but sometimes it could be what's best to create a positive environment in which to raise your children. Sometimes staying together 'for the sake of the children' causes more damage than good," says attorney Steven R. Jacob.

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