All Press Releases for December 02, 2016

FBI Fails AGAIN to Process Requests to Protect Family, Business and The Elderly From Extreme Government Takings & Human Rights Abuses

President Obama Loses Moral Authority After Failing to Honor Oath and Crime Victims Rights

Obama's FBI refuse to prosecute Adams' violators, Milton Hall's killer cops, perpetrators of Flint's leaded Water crisis or persons responsible for shelving over 15,000 untested rape kits in Michigan

    FRANKENMUTH, MI, December 02, 2016 /24-7PressRelease/ -- President Obama's FBI continues to obstruct justice and deny Mark Adams urgent holiday pleas before Christmas to restore his Constitutional Rights, fundamental freedoms, business, property owners' rights, and terminate unlawful court orders calling for his arrest if he returns to work. Adams is seeking urgent law enforcement to STOP the imminent State-ordered extrajudicial destruction of his life's work, businesses, manufacturing, research, and intellectual properties. The criminals and crimes are well documented. Unlawful takings in America today are on par with Cuban, Venezuelan and Egyption nationalization of businesses, Israeli occupations and settlements on Palestinian lands.

Problem is, Adams cannot find in America today any agency, persons or political parties in State or US Federal government honoring their Oaths, upholding and enforcing human rights and Constitutions. Nobel Peace Prize winning President Obama's Homeland Security steadfastly refuses to enforce willful and deliberate violations of law, Constitutions and United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights presented in meetings with the FBI Tuesday, November 29, 2016.

Article 5 "No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation", Article 6 "This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby", Article 7 "no citizen shall be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law", Article 8 "excessive fines shall not be imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted", Article 9 "the right of trial by jury shall be preserved".

FBI Agents Barry Rumble and Anthony Kraudelt refused all complaints and evidence against State-sponsored terrorists. "I have been dragged through hell by these people and parties," said Adams. "Witnessed here today is Democrat President Obama's FBI obstructing justice to protect corrupted Michigan State Police, eight (8) State Judges, and local Democrats, Sheriff Federspiel, Prosecutor McColgan, Bridgeport Township Board and rogue local cops to cover-up criminal scandals exposed by Adams." Videos of police abuses and political retributions in Frankenmuth, Bridgeport, and Saginaw County, MI are on the YouTube Poor Michigan channel.

Adams innovative research remained crippled as he awoke Wednesday still not free to work, not free to travel, not free to participate in professional associations or International business ventures. Adams Passport, bank accounts, credit cards, farm, two businesses, laboratory, intellectual properties, Winnebago, barn, docks, bbq grill, solar lights, bird feeders, picnic table, dock, landscaping and assets all unlawfully seized by government-protected thugs. UnAmerican activities, treason and persistent domestic terrorism of Adams have set new lows exceeding limits of the genres.

FBI advised Adams that documented government harassments, retributions, seizures of property are NOW Federally protected State, local, and Civil Forfeiture issues no longer subject to law enforcement or Constitutional protections. Unprecedented 'Hate Crimes' against the elderly have never been so institutionalized and accepted by Americans, until now. Not a single public official, person or political party has stepped up to aid Adams, leaving President-elect Trump his last hope.

"IF this involved bank robbers or peaceful Dakota Pipeline Protesters, the FBI wouldn't hesitate to brutalize these people," said Adams. "Banks reopen every day, but Mark Adams is STILL BANNED from his laboratory, not free to advance vital research, create jobs and economic opportunities, or protect intellectual properties."

American criminal justice has devolved to the point FBI advises citizens' only remaining recourse is being free to sue the government, effectively a denial of justice. Human rights court victories are increasingly rare in America, almost a thing of the past, given scandalous law enforcement, protections for criminal officeholders and lack of mainstream media reporting. Adams is one of 80% of America's working poor, denied justice as they lack the money and wherewithal to successfully sue their government. Unprecedented government seizures of all Adams financial assets in 2014 rendered him indigent and unable to hire attorneys. The Michigan Court of Appeals denied Adams Appeal in October as he could not afford the $475 filing fee and thousands of dollars for court transcripts. No true record of court proceedings exists as Americans are no longer free to have cell phones, capture video or audio recordings of their own Hearings.

Revised Michigan court rules dictated by the State Bar and Supreme Court, make it impossible for citizens to get fair trials or defend themselves. Ongoing persecutions of baseless false claims against Adams mark a total breakdown of American justice, with Adams rights to jury trials nullified by rogue judges and attorneys accountable to themselves and no one else. "Americans have lost their moral compass," says Adams. "We have become a country of, by and for attorneys and the political elite while human rights laws and Constitutions now stand unprotected. Obama's FBI persistently failed to prosecute Milton Hall's assassins, perpetrators of Flint Michigan's leaded Water crisis or any of the persons responsible for shelving over 15,000 untested rape kits in Michigan roaming free."

President Obama applies knowledge gained as a former small college professor of Constitutional Law to facilitate increasing political hate crimes against dissidents, whistleblowers, and "enemies of the State" fostering unprecedented throwbacks to frontier justice when Americans were forced to protect and defend themselves. "The United States of America has lost all moral authority in their quest to be the world's policemen given Barack Obama's persistent failings to protect Americas most vulnerable citizens and assets." and Adams family efforts seeking justice are funded by donations to the newly established You Caring / Shirley Adams Justice Fund was created to provide the world an insiders view and document the REAL Michigan (unlike the State's misleading "Pure Michigan" campaign) "IF you think Michigan USA is a great state to do business, raise a family, or take a vacation, you'll think twice after visiting here" said Adams. and Adams family efforts seeking justice are funded by donations to the newly established You Caring / Shirley Adams Justice Fund empowering positive reforms to assure other Michigan families and businesses are not similarly affected, to restore Michigan USA's quality of life, economy, and better futures for America's children.

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