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Fiona Gaye Davies-McConchie Recognized by Worldwide Branding for Excellence in Environmental Remediation

Fiona Gaye Davies-McConchie develops innovative technologies to address otherwise intractable and serious environmental problems.

Ms. Davies-McConchie has 15 years of experience in her field and seven years as Director of Environmental Remediation Technologies

    MANDURAH, AUSTRALIA, May 14, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Fiona Gaye Davies-McConchie, Director of Environmental Remediation Technologies for Mt. Aspiring Geochemical Ltd. in association with Virotec Global Solutions Ltd., has been recognized by Worldwide Branding for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in environmental remediation.

Ms. Davies-McConchie has 15 years of experience in her field and seven years as Director of Environmental Remediation Technologies for Mt. Aspiring Geochemical Ltd. in association with Virotec Global Solutions Ltd.. Specializing in environmental remediation, she is currently responsible for developing innovative technologies to address otherwise intractable and serious environmental problems, concentrating on arsenic and other contaminants to human drinking water, advancing a sustainable and affordable filtration system for individuals and villages for very large-scale water treatment, where no hazardous residues after treatment present a new problem, and ensuring the device is easily operated, very cost affordable, leaves no hazardous residues that need special disposal requirements, and is describable as totally effective, clean, green and environmentally safe. Ms. Davies-McConchie also focuses on intensive dairy industry waste and waste waters, and the development of further technologies to reuse urban and industrial waste products, most particularly in environmental remediation, and participates in literally hundreds of national and international conferences and workshops. She has conducted Earthwatch field trips, held workshops, presented countless papers, both written and verbal and posters, and presented countless consultancy reports for various companies and government organizations completed. She has also been instrumental in the preparation of many court expert witness appearances.

Ms. Davies-McConchie has been involved in the development of innovative technologies to address some of the worlds most intractable environmental problems. Her particular interests include mining wastes, potable water, urban development in acid sulphate soil areas and third-world country issues. She is focusing on drinkable water with consideration to arsenic and other contaminants, and sustainable urban development, to name just a few. A philosophy she adheres to is, 'There is no such thing as a waste product, it is simply a resource we have not yet thought up a use for!' Additionally, Ms. Davies-McConchie focuses on the research and development of market technologies that use one industry's waste products to benefit another industry in an environmentally, sociologically and economically sustainable and workable manner. This work becomes larger in an industrial and urban planning context, but it can be done without a great deal of difficulty, given a sound management strategy.

Virotec is a world leader in meeting the demand for effective, sustainable solutions to deal with serious environmental and waste problems. The proven, patented, state-of-the-art technologies developed by Virotec enable companies and public utilities to meet government regulatory waste treatment standards, reduce future liabilities and help safeguard the environment.

Virotec's capability in developing processes to remediate harmful wastes, solve soil and water contamination, and reduce environmental degradation successfully has lead to the expansion of the firm's portfolio of services to include such 'Value Added Services' as contaminated land auditing and environmental and site assessment.

Virotec's technologies benefit many different industries, including mining and metals processing, the oil and gas sector, metals finishing and other manufacturing industries, municipal sewage treatment, property development and marine dredging, and timber preservation. Virotec's products and services have gained regulatory approval in the U.S., Korea, the U.K., Italy, Portugal, Laos, the Philippines, New Zealand and Australia.

Virotec is a privately owned company based in Queensland, Australia. Virotec's Head Office is located on the Gold Coast and its laboratory is based in Evans Head, New South Wales. Through the company's strategic alliance partners, clients can now access a range of technical services in North America, Europe, South Korea, the Philippines, Australia and New Zealand.

Upon reflecting on a rewarding career, Ms. Davies-McConchie attributes her success to her passion for her work. Key players in her education included Professors Alison Specht (botany) and Nick Holmes (marine biology), along with later, Professor Olaf Schuiling of The Netherlands and Dr. Jim Castro from Montana, USA. These individuals and countless many more who know who they are, her late husband, her scientific mind and way of thinking about solving problems was honed and polished her into whatever she may be today. 'I a product of their input,' she says, 'both dimples and warts alike!' She became involved in her profession through a natural progression of opportunities. She is the widow of Professor David Murray McConchie, and they worked hand-in-hand on environmental problems. A life team of husband and wife, at Southern Cross University, began their journey by branching out into the environmental assessment and then the remediation fields. Remediation seemed to be a rarer commodity internationally, with many able to properly assess a given environment and predict impact but few indeed able to offer workable, affordable, proven, environmentally sound remediation options; therefore, they both concentrated their united efforts in science. They had the valuable asset of the School of Environmental Science being a highly innovative and multidisciplinary faculty, largely lead, at the time, by Professors Gartside and Saenger. They noticed they just didn't have the laboratory facilities we wanted; so rather than sit and grizzle about it, they made it happen. They worked alone with an infant baby in two starting from scratch, eventually ringing up government departments and so on to convince them that their lab was better and to do business with them.

Today, Ms. Davies-McConchie believes they created what is now the best of its kind in environmental analysis laboratories in the Southern Hemisphere. She dare says is the best in the world, The Environmental Analysis Laboratory at Southern Cross University (the EAL).

Ms. Davies-McConchie received a Bachelor of Arts in Science, with Honors. She is a member of Patents Surrounding the Wider Bauxsol Technology In the years to come, Ms. Davies-McConchie plans to continue growing professionally.

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