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Fort Myers and Boca Raton Florida Have Marijuana Business Training Classes Taught by Cannabis Career Institute This Weekend before Marijuana Laws Change

Residents in Florida prepare for Marijuana Legalization. Cannabis Career Institute is providing interested Boca Raton and Fort Myers residents the opportunity to learn about the marijuana industry in full day-long seminars June 21st and June 22nd.

Cannabis Career Institute offers highly detailed & precise educational business training classes for the Cannabis Industry. Boca Raton & Fort Myers, Florida Marijuana Classes are this weekend.

    BOCA RATON, FL, June 18, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Boca Raton and Fort Myers have something in common - and it isn't that they're both cities in Florida. Both Boca Raton and Fort Myers will be hosting a Marijuana Business Training Class this upcoming weekend, put on by nationwide leaders in the cannabis education industry, Cannabis Career Institute and made especially for entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs tend to focus on making money, creating career opportunities and more. Now, with all the current legislation about cannabis, medical marijuana seems to be on the minds of many business entrepreneurs. But the one question most entrepreneurs seem to be asking, at least to Cannabis Career Institute, is literally: How do they get involved in the industry?

While Florida stands on the brink of Medical Marijuana legalization with some laws already coming to light (Bill 1030 and amendment for No to Low THC, High CBD) business entrepreneurs are trying to quickly learn what it will take to run a real cannabis business in today's world.

Cannabis Career Institute, providing nationally recognized cannabis business training seminars, will arrive in Fort Myers, Florida for a full day instructional workshop on June 21st, 2014, and will then head over to Boca Raton on June 22nd.

Both classes will answer many questions local entrepreneurs may have regarding this new industry. Classroom students will learn that there are a variety of rules, regulations and laws that need to be understood prior to even starting business planning. To help students get oriented, workshops include in-depth business planning information, business management details and legal discussions from local attorneys. Each workshop provides students with a broad range of quality information to help them make the right decisions in this newly forming industry, so they can have a better chance of becoming successful.

After news reporters attended a recent set of Cannabis Career Institute classes and reported on the value of the workshops offered, students from all over the state of Florida have bombarded the phone lines with requests for additional training dates. WFTV did an in-depth interview on the validity of CCI and several other news agencies covered the reactions of students plus interviewed instructors, (WFTV, Central Florida Spotlight, 2014, Video) each new speaker providing favorable reports and expressing the very real need for more education in this industry.

The cannabis industry is expected to explode across the nation (, See Change, The State of Medical Marijuana Markets 2011) as more states legalize medical marijuana, and in some cases, recreational marijuana. Some experts have projected the industry to rake in billions of dollars annually in the first few years and states are looking to expand their budgets with valuable tax revenue earned off of future legalized medical marijuana sales. Colorado announced they expect to take in over $184 million dollars in tax revenue in the first 18 months of legalization (Money CNN, Aaron Smith, February 20, 2014), signifying that other states with empty coffers are going to be looking into this industry as a serious business. The job markets alone, in Colorado, have shown that there are plenty of opportunities to be had for employees in the industry.

While Florida still stands on the cusp of legalization, and having passed the "Charlotte's Web" bill on Monday, June 16th, NORML members in Florida have expressed that the Marijuana Industry is coming to the state, without any real obstacles standing in the way. Popular vote Polls of Floridians suggest that 88% of residents are in full support for medical marijuana (Jim Saunders, The News Service of Florida, May 2014, Jacksonville Business Journal) and legislators are moving forward to enact the medical marijuana legalization prior to the ballot in the fall.

Building the infrastructure before the legalization of medical marijuana is approved is one of the things Cannabis Career Institute is teaching attending students how to do. The classes focus on how to get the right information it will require in order to get that infrastructure up and running, ready to operate at the expected passing of legislation.

Opened in 2009, Cannabis Career Institute is the National Leader in Business Training for the Cannabis Industry and has continued to provide effective and valuable information to students wanting to learn how to open a medical marijuana dispensary, operate an edibles company, manage a grow operation or start a marijuana delivery service.

A wide variety of guest speakers, local Florida attorneys, grow masters, edibles operation speakers and more, provide detailed information to help students understand the broad picture of the entire industry.

A large number of topics are discussed and students are invited to learn more by setting up consultations with the instructors of the class and allows students to network together, creating lasting connections in this newly forming professional industry.

Media and the Press are invited to communicate with Cannabis Career Institute and are asked to set up an interview time with the attending Instructors by calling (800) 753-2240.

Press Passes are available for short portions of the class, and interviews with instructors are permitted with instructor approval. Students should not be videotaped without full permission. Press may also write Meki Cox at meki (at) cannabiscareerinstitute (dot) com in order to schedule an interview.

Cannabis Career Institute offers educational training for Cannabis Businesses across the United States. Learn how to open a dispensary, what it takes to get involved in the industry, run a grow operation for medical marijuana or other industry jobs. Full day seminar workshops help novices to the marijuana industry learn exactly what they will need to do in order to build their infrastructures for a cannabis business before legislation takes place.

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