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Furless Aliens Discovered on Earth in the New Novel, The Book of Pictures - A New Race

From the multi-racial furred inhabitants on the planet Eros to the Reptilian populace of Gorlon, Patrick M. Murphy brings every page in his new novel, The Book of Pictures - A New Race, to a strange new life reality.

    QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA, January 16, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The Book of Pictures - A New Race brings to light the prejudice and envy of a starving race, which inevitably ends in war. Even with a population in despair, there are those few who rise above the herd and become an inspiration for the rest of us.

The unlikely hero in this Science Fiction novel is the nerd or geek down the street who has been behind almost every invention on Earth since the industrial revolution.

Science fiction has often turned into science fact, which is why the reader will find some parts of this novel eerie and very similar to the Earth today with its diminishing resources, seven billion humans, and thirty billion domesticated animals. The technologies we depend on are barely able to cope with more than one disaster at a time.

Patrick M. Murphy, the author of The Book of Pictures - A New Race, made the seamless move from behind the videographer's desk at A.L.I.E.N Productions in Australia, to bring three entire Civilizations to life inside the pages of his novel. Descended from cats, dogs, bears, and T-Rex, the characters and planets become as real as your hand holding the book.

While the author's extensive achievements in aviation and science provide the background for interstellar spaceships powered by solid-light drives and flying motorcycles capable of orbital flight, his special effects and film editing skills let his imagination soar past The Force, to bring the Celestial Flow between all sentient beings to vivid creation.

The reader can feel the Universe flow around them as they read. Jules Vern published his book Around the Moon in 1873. One hundred years later, three Astronauts from Earth completed his fictional journey and proved that science fiction can become science fact.

Can the author, Patrick Author be far behind?

The Book of Pictures - A New Race
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Patrick Murphy was born in Cincinnati Ohio to an Irish father and German mother. He was an accomplished ballet and adagio dancer but channeled his creative talents into custom cars and airplanes. A film career began in the Solomon Islands retrieving WW II airplanes out of the jungle. He presently travels the highways of Australia in an outrageous and massive double decker motorhome, Ultimus Prime, in a constant search for the perfect place to let his imagination soar.

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