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Gel Solutions and More for Your Home Office has a sensible ergonomic approach to working in comfort.

    LOS ANGELES, CA, December 21, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Those who work from home are some of the best customers at, so the professionals there have a special place in their hearts for the needs and drawbacks of a home office. While it may seem like the perfect place to work, it may be far from perfect for those who don't look after their own comfort. reminds you that treating yourself like a professional, creating an office space that suits you, and looking after yourself and your equipment in your off hours are all critical for the self-employed.

If you work from home, no matter how comfortable of a space you create with the help of gel cushions for your wrists and seat, there are still pitfalls to the whole scenario, and some of them involve the others taking up space in your office: your family.

If you want to maximize your productivity, tell your family what your work hours are. There's nothing wrong with working from noon to 8pm if you set your own hours, but your family members might expect your attention at dinner, after-school, or just for some afternoon chatting. These are normal parts of homelife, but they can get in the way of work, and you may have to arrive at some compromises so no one in your home will feel left out when you're sequestered with your projects.

It's also important that you notify your family of big important deadlines. To your family, cleaning a dirty bathroom can seem more important than finishing that report, unless you have notified everyone in advance about your tough project. Getting everything out in the open can prevent fights.

But also important are your ergonomic considerations, and the folks at have you covered. Being your own boss means, technically you are liable for the safety and health of your staff (you). You're unlikely to report yourself to the authorities for forcing yourself to work in a hard wooden chair, or at a kitchen table instead of at a proper desk. But paradoxically, when you're your own boss, you are more likely to be capable of directing this kind of cruelty at yourself. You may be promoting sciatica, low-back pain, poor blood circulation, carpal tunnel syndrome, vascular issues like varicose veins and, perhaps worst of all, painful hemorrhoids.

Make your home office a haven of comfort with gel products that preserve your health and wellbeing. CONFORMAX gel seat cushions are so comfortable, you'll find yourself fidgeting less, and more focused than ever on the tasks at hand. RETACH Hook Sensitive Gel Pads for your mouse and keyboard will prevent the familiar habit of shaking the life back into a tired hand after a long session of typing.

Any boss should incorporate these durable and effective ergonomic products into an office. So you should too! Shop online at or call 1-877-977-8986 to have your questions answered, or place an order by phone.

We specialize in the manufacture and online sales of pure ULTRAGEL and CONFORMAX gel/viscofoam cushions, pads and mats and RETACH hook-sensitive gel pads for healthcare, personal care and comfort-enhancing everyday use. Our principals and related companies have over 40 years of experience in the manufacture of gel products using proprietary gel formulations.

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