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GEM Pty's Must-Read Innovation Guide for Fellow Australians

Following the latest Global Innovation Barometer study from GE, which see's Australia ranking bottom for innovation, GEM Pty offer encouragement to its fellow Australian businesses to improve their innovative abilities.

    SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, September 05, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The recent survey by GE interviewed business executives from around the world and found that despite Australia's positive start up culture, the country is still lacking when it comes to innovation when compared to the rest of the world. To stay relevant and competitive businesses need innovation, without it businesses simply wouldn't be able to continue running. However sales and marketing firm GEM Pty are urging businesses across Australia not to be down-hearted by the news. 80% of Australian business executives questioned in the survey admitted to having ideas in the pipeline but were just unsure of how to implement them. GEM Pty believes that innovation is out there and hopes that the results of the innovation barometer study give business owners the confidence to adjust their approach to business to help encourage innovation.

Many innovative ideas fail to get off the ground due to a resistance from many leaders to change their business model to ensure the idea is profitable. When a current idea appears to be working on the surface it can be difficult to see any reason to change it for a new idea that could be considered a risk. GEM Pty consider these 'risks' as an important learning opportunity, and even if a new business model fails that businesses can in the long run learn from and develop their business through these experiences.

Another innovation killer across the country is that many companies feel that they lack the resources and capacity to follow through on new their new innovations. With many businesses feeling the pinch, the idea of taking a new approach although tempting, may be considered too costly. GEM Pty believes that this may actually be the best time for companies to review their current practices and allow innovation. Innovation often comes from tougher economic times when thinking differently is vital to staying in business. A business's lack of resources provides them with the opportunity to streamline their approach and discover more cost effective ways that could not only benefit them, but their customers as well.

Another factor the study found to play a role in Australia's struggle for innovation is that many businesses are not acting quickly enough on their ideas and are failing to be adaptive. In business there is often a very small window of opportunity for an idea to be successful, businesses must act quickly on their ideas in order to gain a profit.

GEM Pty understand that creativity in business can't be forced, however the firm believe that business owners can do more to support and encourage innovation among their workforce. The firm believe the root to innovation lies in creating a nurturing and positive company culture. By being more flexible with working hours and creating a more informal atmosphere business owners will get far more from their workforce than ruling through fear.

GEM Pty also believes it's important for business owners to only involve people in the business who share their passion for the industry. People who believe in the capabilities of a business's product are far more likely to put the work in to help develop it and improve the overall business. It's also important to encourage diversity in business, involving people from a variety of different backgrounds and abilities means that the ideas they come up with will be equally diverse.

GEM Pty is a sales and marketing firm who rely heavily on innovation to get the best results for their clients. the firm value individuality and reflect this by creating and implementing campaigns that have been personalised to suit each individual client's needs.

About GEM Pty:

GEM Pty develops engaging direct marketing campaigns that will take your product straight to your target market. Our experienced sales team will be immediately on hand to engage with your customers and build strong relationships with them that will help generate extended loyalty and awareness for your brand. This personalised approach allows GEM Pty to gather immediate and easily measured results, and most importantly guarantee a high ROI for all their clients.

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