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Geo-Power System (Revolutionary Air Conditioning System Using Renewable Underground Energy) Has Now Officially Launched in the USA

Award-winning green building technology from Japan is installed and operating in Escondido, CA providing high indoor air quality and energy saving.

    ESCONDIDO, CA, April 25, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Geo-Power System (revolutionary air conditioning system using renewable underground energy) has now officially launched in the U.S.A.

Geo Power System Co. Ltd (, having their head office in Yamaguchi Japan, is very proud to announce that their first installation of this innovative renewable energy air ventilation/conditioning system is now up and running in the States.

The system is installed in the community center of Avocado Court in Escondido, CA built by a leader in green residential construction, Community Housing Works ( Community Housing Works is planning the grand opening ceremony of Avocado Court, new 36-unit affordable housing complex at 215 East El Norte Parkway, Escondido CA 92026, on May 1st, 2013 at 10:00am.

Geo-Power System utilizes natural temperature differences between underground and outside air. The underground temperature below 16ft stays very consistent all year around at the average annual temperature of the location. Here in Escondido, it is about 61 degree F.

During summer time, outside hot air passes through vertically buried Geo-Pipe, which acts as a 24ft long high efficiency heat exchange device, to cool the air before being sent inside buildings. During winter time, the heat exchanger works in reverse, as cold outside air is warmed. Unlike other conventional air conditioning systems which send excessively a hot and cold air, the air come out from Geo-Power System is mild and comfortable to human body.

This particular installation includes hot water heat coil in the system. The apartment has a domestic solar hot water system and it is routed to Geo-Power System, enhancing the heating effect. During 2012-2013 winter, the room temperature was kept around 68 degree F with just Geo-Power system and heat coil in operation.

Additionally, the Geo-Pipe cleans air with controlled volume of water at the bottom. It removes more than 90% of small particles like dust and pollen. Nowadays buildings are extremely "air tight" and mechanized fresh air ventilation is essential to maintain high indoor air quality. Geo-Power System does the job with pre-condition the air temperature. Geo-Power System has a completely closed/sealed air passage so that nothing from underground soil will come into the system ensuring fresh, clean and safe air to the building interiors.

The system can be installed in most of geographic area where there are clearly four seasons. It can be installed in both new and existing buildings. For new buildings, a heat storage chamber can be placed under the building to make the system even more efficient and control temperature more consistently. The Avocado Court Installation includes a storage chamber beneath the community room.

Geo Power System Co. Ltd. is seeking for installation partners to expand the business in the States. Contact below to discuss the business partnership.

"As an unlimited resource, underground energy offers an ideal means of conserving fossil fuel-derived energy. What is more, it provides natural comfort and contributes to human health. We are committed to creating eco-friendly homes and buildings, and invite you to join us working together to do the same in the States using Geo-Power System." said Toko Hashimoto, the inventor and founder of the system.

Masanari Hashimoto, CEO of Geo Power System Co. Ltd, remarks, "The system had received many of Japan's prestigious awards including Minister of Environment award, Good design Award, Eco-Products Grand prize etc. and it has been recognized as one of a vital green technologies to cope with global warming. I hope to work with many partners providing the world the healthy living environment and a way to save energy."

Tour of the installation at the Avocado Court community center are made possible by courtesy of Community Housing Works. Contact below to make your appointment to "feel" the Geo-Power System.


Who: Geo Power System Co. Ltd. join Community Housing Works to celebrate their grand opening of Avocado Court.

What: The official launch of Geo-Power System in the States.

Where: 215 East El Norte Parkway, Escondido, CA 92026

When: 10am - 12pm, May-01, 2013

Why: Geo-Power System is a vital green technology to save energy and provide healthy living environment.

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