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Get a Second Chance at Great Audio from Mobile Studio USA

With Mobile Studio USA, ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement) is accomplished on-set for any size production.

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    LOS ANGELES, CA, November 29, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Mobile Studio USA offers a service loved by producers and studios who depend on great sound. However, the tiny mobile recording studio where narration and voice over recordings are accomplished are, like the trailer itself, usually hard to notice. The reason: Most viewers don't know a thing about recording dialogue after the fact. Still, this method for ensuring good audio is critical to every major production.

Industry insiders all know about ADR, which stands for "Automated Dialogue Replacement," but it remains one of the best kept secrets in Hollywood. When you watch movies and TV, you may not realize that even though an actor's voice seems to have been recorded on a high-rise construction site, or in the middle of Grand Central Station, more often than not, these lines were recorded in the controlled environment of a studio.

There may be much more ADR in your favorite movie than you think. By some estimates, 10-30 percent of the dialogue in a movie has to be replaced. In some cases, such as low-key drama films, perhaps only a couple of lines need to be "looped," to use the industry jargon. On the other hand, some effects-heavy productions, including action and science fiction movies require fully half of their dialogue to be replaced. With Apocalypse Now, a famously troubled production, only 10% of the final dialogue was recorded on set. In the films of Sergio Leone, none of Clint Eastwood's famous lines were recorded on set, and indeed the entire movie's dialogue was recorded later.

The reasons for ADR are numerous. In the best of circumstances, when sets achieve perfect quiet, "acts of God" will still intercede. The occasional airplane flyover, or sudden, unexpected weather change results in sound problems even when the sound technician on set is a master. When control of the sound environment is just average, there are thousands of variables that can ruin an audio recording, like equipment scraping on the ground or falling over during a take, or even a microphone being placed on an unexpectedly noisy article of clothing.

Often, ADR is recorded when the film or TV show is in its post-production phase. Actors will be called in for recording sessions. The scene will be shown on a screen, and the actor will need to perform the lines as close as possible to before, in order to convincingly match their own lip movements. This process sometimes happens all in one frantic day, for a whole production.

Amir Soleimani, President and CEO of Mobile Studio USA wants every production to record ADR in the least stressful way possible. ADR can be recorded for your production as soon as dailies (footage from previous day in the shoot) reveal audio problems. Simply let them park their unobtrusive trailer on your set, and they can record high quality audio in their surprisingly spacious, air conditioned studio during downtime, and without requiring actors to leave the set.

With ADR from Mobile Studio USA, audio for your production no longer needs to be uncertain or unpredictable.

Mobile Studio USA, a division of Voice Over There Inc., is a completely self-contained, sound proof, mobile recording studio, ADR stage and voice over booth. An ideal time and money saving solution for on-location recording of voice overs for commercials, ADR for film and television and vocals for music videos.

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