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GLEENET Takes a Lead in Inventing One of a Kind SNS Converged with the Web and E-Commerce

OMNIBUS and Blue Carpet Geared Towards a New Kind of Portal to Embody Humanistic Network

My goal is to invent technology touching the heart. Architectural shift and design concept, content reward business model, and accessibility increase in algorithms are all meant to be to that end.

    SEATTLE, WA, October 18, 2016 /24-7PressRelease/ -- GLEENET LLC says the company submitted its provisional patent application for its flagship social network platforms to the United States Trademark and Patent Office on October 6. The Seattle-based start-up released OMNIBUS and Blue Carpet in market in May and June of this year, avowing the birth of humanistic SNS.

According to Minha Kim, Founder and Primer of GLEENET, her ideas on social network is essentially focused on convergence perspective. In terms of architecture, she has attempted for functional convergence of two different kinds of platforms such as SNS and Website. In terms of business model, her invention is the integration between SNS and e-Commerce. In particular, she puts forth an effort to make OMNIBUS--pronounced as the first-ever attempted space-based SNS--a new kind of portal embodying connected globalness. "Once a space plays the role of mediator for social relationship, people would want to knock on the doors of global arenas. They would wonder what is going on in New York's museums or Berlin's concert halls. At this point, some might say that the website of organization in cyberspace has been functioning as the gateway for people around the world. But I think there has not been connectedness in the traditional website. While most cultural organizations run their own websites, people hardly enjoy those because today's websites are a merely nominal display of their existence, and do not function as a meaningful gateway to their organizations because there is not a pronounced mechanism for connection between individuals," said Minha. Another outstanding feature of OMNIBUS is its design concept making the application look like a movie theater. In order to make the app's strength more apparent and visible, 3D and virtual reality features are being currently added by working with an outsourcing development company.

What makes Minha's patent application meaningful lies in her business model as well. In the case of Blue Carpet, individual users interview with celebrity seekers and can pay credits for their answers so that interviewees can then redeem their received credits. OMNIBUS is planned to implement another unique business model mimicking auction and bidding that users paying significant credits for UGCs (User Generated Contents) can receive bonus gift or its replacement in a way or another. "Through the business model of content reward, I think what I attempt is to make people's ideas marketized and thus transacted. By means of e-commerce, all kinds of products are sold and bought, including from electronics and appliances, clothes, foods to cultural products such as music and book. However, no single system in society values ideas. We only sell and buy the product in which ideas are formally and professionally expressed. But I think the borderline between all human metaphysical products is blurry. For instance, let's think about news. Do we have to regard only a professional reporter's delivery as news even though its quality and impact is not as high as a piece information delivered by a lay person? If one has written a couple of page long story, he cannot sell his ideas because it isn't long enough to look like a book? I think all forms and appearances are conventional only, and what truly matters is its substance. If an idea is significant, it doesn't have to be long enough to look like a book," said Minha. "I think Internet specialists are fundamentally responsible for this situation because they have created the cyber-world where people can exchange information for free. That is a critical mistake Internet specialists have made. By doing so, there has been no way a lay person's idea like a blog can be valued. Only professionals who have capital to formally manufacture ideas can earn money. That is why I came to have thought about interview application so that individual users can exchange their thought and ideas while being marketized."

All Minha's effort to realize humanistic network is pursued in the attempt to preserve human's creative knowledge and free will in the face of robot-dominant tech paradigm. "The goal of humanistic network is to invent technology touching the heart. Architectural shift and design concept, content reward business model, and accessibility increase in algorithms are all meant to devote to that end," said Minha.

GLEENET LLC is a Seattle-based start up led by a social scientist, taking a lead in inventing humanistic network.

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