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Google Penguin "Updates" Spur Small Businesses to Rethink Marketing -

When Google updates its search engine to wipe websites from its results, many legitimate site owners lose valuable traffic, gutting profits from their businesses. Today's business owner turns to a sure-fire way to reach customers: TV advertising.

    LOS ANGELES, CA, June 17, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- With so many businesses reliant on the internet, a loss of website traffic can cause a severe drop in profits. When Google updates its search engine to wipe out "bad" websites from its results, many legitimate site owners lose valuable traffic, gutting profits. A sure-fire way to reach customers directly is television advertising.

Google is the "big dog"

A few years ago, when a multitude of search engines and directories were vying for user attention, website owners needed only to submit their sites to be listed. The market has changed drastically, and many of these search engines and directories are either bought out or discontinued. Now, most SEO (search engine optimization) is geared exclusively toward appeasing Google's algorithms. This makes Google of prime concern for every business, be it fully online, brick and mortar, or both. Although on the surface this simplifies SEO (only one "master" to obey), it makes every business vulnerable to expulsion from web search results, and Google alone holds the leash.

The law does not protect legitimate businesses from online disaster

There is no FEMA-like organization to bail out businesses that are swamped by a change at Google. Businesses are on their own to decipher and predict what may come next, and a great many spend lots of money without guessing correctly. Some businesses, in an effort to maintain their online visibility, have incorporated methods initially considered "white-hat" (good guy), only to have those efforts later brand their websites as "black-hat" (bad guy).

If Google "Penguin" puts your business underwater, it's your problem. Google's solution? Buy their online ads.

Rumor has it that Google is preparing to carpet-bomb the web again with a new series of search engine torpedoes, derisively dubbed "Pigeon." The slang dictionary defines a "pigeon" as a person who is easily fooled or cheated; a dupe. Regardless of the name, it is clear that Google plans to continue its site purges, controlling the internet weather with the unpredictable fury of an EF-5 tornado.

Better avenues for businesses to reach customers

Businesses need both new and return customers in order to thrive. Some have turned to social media, but have found it time-consuming and impractical for reaching large numbers of potential new customers in a meaningful way. Social is all about personal interaction, but it's often a hostile atmosphere for making the pitch and closing the sale.

Businesses need to engage customers when they are ready to hear the message. Studies show mobile users consider advertising an unwelcome intrusion. By contrast, TV viewers consider advertising a fair price to pay for entertainment. If the TV ad is done well, the ad is, itself, entertainment. In overall time spent with media of any type, television encompasses the greatest share of the day, and studies reveal that a significant percentage of daily internet use is in conjunction with TV viewing - not in place of it. Details on this trend are available in this article: "What Television Offers Today's Advertisers".

The way for small businesses to win the advertising and marketing battle is to get out of the online rat race and do what really works: advertising on television. Local businesses have advertised on TV with great success for decades, and TV remains the screen of choice when it comes to viewership. Television advertising can be affordable when it is handled by professionals who fully understand and work daily with the creative, technical, legal, and production processes.

Any business, especially a small business or entrepreneurial enterprise, can benefit from branching out beyond the online bubble into the real world of TV advertising. For more information on how to get started, visit

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