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Google Plus Being Used by Elite Lawyers to Help Each Other and the Public Online

Personal Injury Attorney MIchael P. Ehline, Esq. discusses how his law firm is using social media to reach fellow lawyers and consumers, to help make the virtual world a more productive and fair place for all.

    LOS ANGELES, CA, September 14, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Many companies are using social media websites, including Google Plus, or Facebook, to get their name out for internet users to see. This is not only limited to companies, and kids. One segment of the population that traditionally was not even allowed to advertise, lawyers, are also finding the use of social media as a way to establish their presence on the internet using this latest site. One lawyer in particular, Michael P. Ehline, Esq., has taken social media for lawyers to the next level. Ehline, a follower of the Matt Cutts blog, was involved in social media when DIGG, Mixx and Delicios were just starting out. He has seen the rise and fall - and loss of his posts and likes - of MIxx, and But he kept plugging away on sites like Posterous and Twitter. So before Google Plus even appeared on the scene, Ehline had over 15,000 followers on Twitter alone.

Lawyers and Google+ in the "Circle of Legal Trust"

Ehline says that Google Plus is a "game changer since they include your likes in Google Webmaster Tools, and they also let you display your picture next to search results for your website or blog." Ehine says that when he saw so many lawyers who had hired crappy SEO companies get destroyed after the recent Penguin and Panda updates, he wanted to help his colleagues fix their site issues, and help them understand attorney search. So he started the Circle of Legal Trust with other lawyers from all over the world. Every Friday, at 8:00 am Pacific and 11 am Eastern, there are Video Hangouts on Google +1 for members and contributors of the Circle of Legal Trust. "These lawyers are becoming the elite of the elite when it comes to online search", said Ehline. There is a corresponding blog for tips and embedding of the Hangout videos. Topics range from using Google Places better as a to reach the public and build your personal and business brand, how to write better copy using latent semantic writing, to how to create a great Youtube video, for example.

Lawyers are Becoming Online Watchdogs for the Public in the Circle of Legal Trust

A recent topic of much consternation for lawyers and doctors is the manic merging of business data by Google Places. This is when Google will take your data, like your phone number and put it on some other law firm's listing. So if your client searches for you online, he gets your adversary, or competitor's contact info. This is a prime area for lawyers to discuss that brings up issues of identity theft, lowering of Google stock value by failing to provide accurate data to end users, etc. It could even result in a death of a doctor's medical patient (Read here.)

Lawyers are Learning To Avoid Potential Google Penalties

The top SEO gurus, as Ehline has pointed out, have a Google Plus page. Top lawyers should have one too. And they should all get involved in the trusted circle of lawyers that Ehline has organized. The idea is: "We teach lawyers how to avoid deceitful tactics of purchasing likes, or automated publishing, or mass directory submissions, etc." For example, on Facebook, there has been a trend for people to try and buy likes, or votes. Typically these are not actual people, which mean there will be no conversations or interaction inquiring about services you offer and are basically useless, except to try and deceive Google to get higher rankings. The Circle of Legal Trust makes buying votes a waste. Once your in the Circle, you are vetted by fellow lawyers and search experts who attend the video hangouts. You get real votes and constructive criticism from peers, to help make your site or message even better. On example would be teaching lawyers how to add WordPress plugins to they can no index tags, categories and archives to avoid a duplicate content penalty.

Identifying Real People

Social site scam marketers can be placed into two groups. The one category will be selling to a small number of actual people, who will often be from other countries. The other group of marketers will be selling to hundreds or thousands of fans. They are able to do this, because they are using automated programs known as bots to add the Google Plus fans. This will not bode well for the lawyer. Who will actually want to hire them, the bot will not be requiring representation.

Learning About "Negative SEO"

Ehline believes that like the business social media pages of the so called experts who do SEO and online marketing, lawyers need to offer value on their pages, something that will keep real people coming back. Examples for offering something of value, can be a contest, or a cause that people support like a "link disavow tool". He also feels that attorneys should be smart in choosing ads to connect with their targeted area, in order to attract people to join their cause. Ehline has tried Google Adwords and Facebook ads and found, the first has had better results. But says Ehline, with the advent of negative SEO, the "money we would have spent on Adwords is now being diverted to pay off negative SEO companies who keep mass submitting lawyer sites to kill off their organic rankings and brand." (Learn about negative SEO here.)

Social Lawyers Will Become a Force to Be Reckoned With

Ehline says that with enough attorneys involved in the Circle, Google may start listening to the concerns of business owners like lawyers, who have heightened duties to the public at large. In other words, says Ehline: "Google created its own watchdog with G+1", and we attorneys are naturally suited to looking out for victimized consumers. Michael P. Ehline, Esq., is located at 633 W 5th St. Los Angeles, CA; (213) 291-9080. He is an inactive U.S. Marine and he practices law as a personal injury attorney for Los Angeles County, and has locations statewide. If you have questions, feel free to call him.

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