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H. Lewis Smith, President of the United Voices For a Common Cause, Inc. Shares Personal Experiences With Alkaline Antioxidant Water And How it Helped to Cure His Hypertension

America is ranked 38th in the world relative to health and longevity, Japan is ranked number one. To improve our health our body needs to work properly. Bottle water which is acidity laden is detrimental to our health.

    BEVERLY HILLS, CA, June 01, 2011 /24-7PressRelease/ -- H. Lewis Smith, president of UVCC is a non-believer of pharmaceuticals, so when his doctor told him that his blood pressure was 152, he had no idea as to how he was going to bring it down; but the one thing he did know...he wasn't going to take any pills to do so.

At the time Mr. Smith was 40 lbs overweight so he went on a diet and lost 25 lbs but his pressure only dropped 2 points. A friend of his told him about alkaline water and he decided to give it try. Mr. Smith readily admits that generally he isn't a big fan of drinking a lot of water--at the most he would drink in a given day is maybe two glasses of water--so when he was told he would need to drink a gallon of alkaline water a day, his first response was oh, my God, you've got to be kidding.

Hypertension is no joke, therefore, Mr. Smith went ahead and drank the gallon a day and in less than two weeks his blood pressure dropped from 150 to 130. He became a believer and educated himself more about the merits of alkaline antioxidant water.

During the education process he was shocked at what he was learning about bottle water and the adverse effect it has on our health system. He highly recommends to anyone who is health conscious to obtain the DVD documentary "Tapped" and once you have seen this movie he says that you will never want to take another sip of bottle water--ever again. He was also surprised to learn that when it came to health and longevity the USA ranks 38th in the world and the number one country was Japan.

To improve our health our body needs to work properly. Bottle water which is acidity laden is detrimental to our health. Alkaline antioxidant water enables the cells to function properly and put out more energy which is critical for the body. Alkaline water helps get living water into your body, so that you can live with better health. The ionization causes the water molecules to be just the right size to get into your cells. Regular water has molecules that are too big to get into the cells.

Drinking regular water and expecting it to get into your cells and hydrate you is like throwing softballs at a chain fence and expecting them to get through to the other side. They are too big! Drinking alkaline antioxidant water is like throwing marbles through a chain linked fence.

Since detoxifying his body by drinking alkaline water Mr. Smith noticed some incredible other benefits. He use to suffer from insomnia and no longer does. Being a senior citizen he has noticed an increase in his energy level, he has noticed a marked improvement in his retention memory along with the ability to stay more focused. He's heard testimonials from other alkaline water drinkers who say that their diabetes has been arrested, and others with arthritis who no longer are suffering with the pain.

H. Lewis Smith, author, activist and student of metaphysics invites you to watch a special demonstration on how alkaline antioxidant water benefits you and your health and to be even more informative about your health you are invited to go to for your FREE "Alkaline Body Balancing" e-book.

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