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H. Lewis Smith, President/CEO of the United Voices for a Common Cause, Inc. Reflects On ABC's "The View's" Whoopie, Sherri, and Barbara's Brouhaha Over Use of the N-Word

It is absolutely asinine to, on one hand, acknowledge the history and intended ugliness of the n-word when it flows from the lips of a white or non-black person, but foolishly ignore the history when it flows from the lips of a black user.

    BEVERLY HILLS, CA, October 06, 2011 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Monday, October 03, 2011, on ABC's The View, much to Barbara Walters' surprise, Sherri Shepard does not like to hear the n-word flow from her or any other white person's mouth. Barbara Walters was a bit taken back in that in reporting news happenings that involve use of the n-word, Sherri would be offended if Walters' were to make reference to the n-word. In all the years they have worked together, Barbara declared that she never knew Sherri felt that way. The dialogue of The View's programming can be viewed from the following link:

Whoopi Goldberg, on the other hand, states that she would have no problem with Barbara Walters using the n-word in the act of reporting the news. Goldberg further goes on to defend young black Americans' use of the pejorative term. Whoopi believes that Americans should accept and acknowledge this n-word as part of the fabric of America. She implied that older generations cannot handle the fact that the younger generations have different feelings about the word. Goldberg goes on to say that the younger generation has taken the stink out of the word and that the older generations lack the ability to relinquish the stink. Note that "the stink" cannot be removed from the term; that is a lie filled with deception for anyone who believes it.

Just for the record, it is abundantly clear and understood that the n-word is every bit a part of American history--the very same as the Boston Tea Party, slavery, the Civil War, and every other history-altering event. Thus, the term cannot be made to vanish into thin air. Also understand that the intent is not to make the term vanish. To the contrary, the intent is for Black Americans to take back their self-respect, honor, dignity and pride by halting use of the invective amongst one another.

It is absolutely asinine to, on one hand, acknowledge the history and intended ugliness of the word when it flows from the lips of a white or non-black person, but then, on the other hand, suddenly see its use or definition as a different, accepting meaning when it foolishly falls from the lips of a black person.

It must be made clear that Whoopi is obviously a proponent for the use of the n-word and, therefore, her slant on the use of the word by Black Americans is subjective and indefensible at best. Blacks who are proponents of the n-word have tried to conveniently turn the issue into a younger generation vs the older generation ploy, but the argument or issue with use of the term delves deeper than that. Goldberg also implied that the younger generation was knowledgeable about the history of the n-word. This may be true given there are those in the older generation aware of the history of the n-word but still continue to use it.

Moreover, if the younger generations are aware of the history, it is believed that they do not understand the depth of the ugliness of the term, the heinous acts that were carried out against slaves because they were considered "n**gas". The younger generation simply has not been properly educated in real terms about the n-word. They may know it to be a racial slur, but feel they don't fit the profile of a n**ga because they are not slaves and are able to wear the latest pair of Nikes or Jordans.

The n-word is a mirror held up against the sins of white folks, a case study of pathology and human deprivation. This is why when black folks like Sherri voice their displeasure of whites using the word; she is holding that mirror up, validating the fact that there is nothing pleasant about that word and therefore should not be used by anyone white. However, people like Sherri fail to take it a step further and look at the man (or community) in the mirror to include blacks and hold them accountable as well. No one black or white should be using that word.

Billions of dollars have been made off the naivety of young black kids. Rappers, many of whom are ex-drug pushers, saw an opportunity to make money by marketing and promoting the n-word and a destructive lifestyle. These same rappers, along with white Jewish executives, have made billions. It's quite interesting that so many rappers talk about "not selling out" in their rhymes and lyrics; however, more than 98% have actually sold out themselves and the black community.

Speaking of the Jewish, the Jews will not allow their own people or the rest of the world to ever forget the Holocaust, but yet the Whoopi Goldberg's of the world encourage young black people to do just that--forget. Ironically, Whoopi is black, adopted a Jewish last name, and yet has no compulsions about desecrating the memories of her own ancestors.

Many of Whoopi's movies were enjoyable. She is a tremendous actress and comedian. However, her and Sherri Shepard's actions and rhetoric in effect says that blacks are not to be held to civilized standards of conduct and principled expectations that might be enforced by others. This is inexcusable and should be unacceptable by any and all self-respecting, dignified and prideful Black African Americans.

The United Voices for a Common Cause, Inc., (UVCC) was founded in April of 2006 by Mr. H. Lewis Smith. UVCC, a tax-exempt, 501(c)3 non-profit organization, was formed for the express purpose of connecting socially-conscious community members with a mutual interest to fight for a common, progressive cause.


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