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Harry Helmet(TM) Announces 15 Ways to Reduce Winter Heating Bills

Gutter Helmet(R) by Harry Helmet(TM) provides tips on reducing costly energy bills.

"This winter season has seen over a thousand snowfall marks get shattered and more than four thousand daily record low temperatures set," says Del Thebaud, President and Owner.

    MILLERSVILLE, MD, March 10, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Gutter Helmet(R) by Harry Helmet(TM) , an installer of the most popular gutter protection system in North America, Gutter Helmet(R) , is encouraging homeowners to take proactive steps to reduce their heating bills this winter.

"This winter season has seen over a thousand snowfall marks get shattered and more than four thousand daily record low temperatures set," says Del Thebaud, President and Owner of Gutter Helmet by Harry Helmet . "That means that people are making their home heating systems work harder and longer. So it's imperative that they make their homes as efficient as possible."

With that in mind, Harry Helmet has compiled 15 tips on how homeowners can decrease their energy bills during the winter months.

1. Get all of your heating units inspected by a professional to make sure that they are operating at peak productivity.
2. Clean all heating filters at least once a month, especially during the cold weather season.
3. Keep operation of all exhaust fans to a minimum, as an unattended exhaust fan can suck all of the heat out of a room in an hour's time.
4. Always keeping floor or wall heating vents free of objects like furniture, rugs, and other items.
5. Insulate your attic, walls, crawl spaces, and floors with enough insulation to meet federal R-value recommendations.
6. Place an insulated barrier around your attic hatch; this is one of the most common places where warm air escapes into an attic.
7. Open window shades, curtains, and blinds on bright sunny days to let the sunlight warm your home.
8. Close all vents inside and all doors leading to rooms that aren't being used, such as a spare bedroom, workshop, or study.
9. Whenever your fireplace is not in use, make sure the damper is closed so warm air does not escape through the chimney.
10. Use caulk to seal any cracks or gaps found around windows, vents, lighting fixtures, and electrical outlets and switches.
11. Use weatherstripping to seal any cracks or openings found around doors.
12. Wrap exposed air ducts and water pipes in your basement with special insulation wrap so warm air doesn't seep out; do the same for your water heater.
13. Invest in a programmable thermostat which you can set at a lower temperature when you are sleeping or not at home, thereby saving energy.
14. Invest in energy-efficient appliances with the ENERGY STAR designation that make better use of the power that they utilize.
15. Find a company that can perform a home energy audit (which is often free) to determine where heat may be leaking out of your home.

Gutter Helmet by Harry Helmet is a leader in the gutter protection industry. Its patented reverse-curve, nose forward design repels solid debris like leaves and pine needles while allowing runoff water to flow freely into the gutters. Because of its durable construction and the fact that Gutter Helmet is installed by certified professional contractors, homeowners who purchase Gutter Helmet will never have to clean their gutters again.

Homeowners who are interested in learning more about the superior Gutter Helmet protection system can contact Harry Helmet for a free in-home estimate. Customers can call Harry Helmet at 1-800-947-4056, or visit the company's website at and fill out a request form on the right side of the page.


Gutter Helmet by Harry Helmet is the largest certified installer of the revolutionary Gutter Helmet gutter protection system. In addition, Harry Helmet offers Helmet Heat , a high-quality self-regulating heating cable that helps thaw snow and ice which accumulates atop gutters. The company also provides superior seamless gutter installation, replacement roofing, retractable awnings, and other related exterior home improvement products. Harry Helmet serves customers located in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Western Washington, and the District of Columbia.

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