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How 'Occupy Wall Street' Heralds the New Model of Social Change in America. Conflict Resolution Expert, Lisa Bracken, Echoes the Manifesto of the 99 and Unveils a New Approach to Negotiation

Occupy Wall Street perfectly illustrates the modern era of conflict and exactly why we must embrace it in order to effectively guide it - Lisa Bracken, Author of "You And What Army? How to Neutralize Conflict and..."

    SILT, CO, October 11, 2011 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Innovative negotiation concepts pioneered by conflict resolution expert, Lisa Bracken, and lauded internationally by institutions of higher learning, public advocates, and business and military leaders are now available in the newly expanded and long awaited book: "You And What Army? How to Neutralize Conflict and Negotiate Justice for the Totally Outgunned, Inwardly Timid, Burnt Out or Socially Defunct".

In her straight forward, sometimes wry and always entertaining style, Ms. Bracken sets a new and higher measure of negotiation success by demonstrating how to efficiently master the modern art of civil controversy and constructive compromise.

A trailblazing template for local-to-global transformation, "You And What Army?..." is the people's guide to social justice and constructive political reform in the 21st century.

Referring to the 99% of the population now dwelling far outside of wealth and privilege, Ms. Bracken says, "You And What Army?... echoes the manifesto of the 99."

As fans and followers have come to expect, the book introduces Bracken's innovative concept of Evolved Negotiations - a new and blended approach to solving the types of unbalanced, persistent or complex conflicts which have come to unnecessarily plague our modern culture through broad system decay and poorly contrived attempts to preserve status quo.

Bracken explores the causes of contemporary conflict and presents practical applications toward potential solutions in this richly presented, conversational, and highly navigable guide capable of helping even the most unskilled practitioner of negotiation turn objections into concessions and adversaries into advocates.

Referring to the Occupy Wall Street movement, Bracken suggests, "By failing to realize they are already negotiating, the movement could lose valuable leverage and an opportunity to influence a more positive outcome."

In this excerpt from a recent and revealing interview with Trending Sideways, Bracken notes: "The social justice movement, Occupy Wall Street is a symptom of how broken systems adherent to failing status quo can manifest social unrest. Occupy Wall Street is just the beginning. Increasingly, we will see broad and loosely organized social collaboration toward desired reform. When persistent conflict attempts to block access to conduits of resolution, resistance will increase.

Of course, chaos is an unnecessarily difficult path forward for everyone. Fortunately, social unrest and the causes of it can be efficiently guided in a positive, mutually beneficial direction. Intelligence gathering, elevating public awareness, coalition building, and harnessing principals of law... these can all be applied as tools of equity.

Once leverage is gained, constructive compromise can more easily reign. "You And What Army?..." specifically discusses effective techniques to productively guide all types of contemporary conflict toward adaptive transformation, which is a necessary mechanism of healthy societies and political policy."

In an excerpt from her recent article published by The Negotiator Magazine entitled: "Evolved Negotiations: A New, Blended and Broadened Approach to Influencing Conditions, Adversaries and Outcome" Bracken summarizes: "Despite our best efforts as negotiators, we sometimes find ourselves subject to shifting conditions, unable to identify the need to re-prioritize objectives and unable to wrest strategic value from emerging situational complexity.

Very often this is the result of misidentifying the parameters defining a dispute and failing to marry circumstances with an evolved approach to negotiation which could enhance maneuverability to meet and command instability inherent to a particular conflict as well as our process of resolution."

Particularly benefiting those who are critically overwhelmed and out-resourced, just a small sampling of "You And What Army?..." reveals:

The fifteen steps involved in developing an evolved negotiation campaign and the top twenty assets to safeguard, many of which Occupy Wall Street inherently possesses.

Introduction of the "Cloud Coalition" concept formed through social networking pathways, as has been recently demonstrated by the Occupy Wall Street movement.

How to identify and deconstruct misinformation, including the twenty-three signs of a bureaucratic smokescreen. The rapid replication of Occupy Wall Street reflects a growing public recognition of and intolerance toward message/policy contradiction where it exists.

How to initiate, leverage and sustain the nine key benefits of momentum; as well as fortify seven key areas of coalition weakness;

The six steps involved in designing strategies, and ways to identify and construct the most effective leverage;

How to avoid the fifty hallmarks of poor communication while leveraging the seven essentials of a persuasive proposal and avoiding the communication style most responsible for unintended conflict escalation;

Plus, so much more.

Offering a digital download through for only .99 cents in celebration of its release, Bracken calls the special promotion of "You And What Army?...": .99 for the 99.

Book Information:
Physical book: ISBN: 978-0-9664505-8-3 / 870 pages, soft cover / $60.00 / available through US booksellers. Digital version: ASIN: B005G8L1UO / $0.99

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