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How to Guide: Atlas Outsourcing's Top Tips to Creating an Unstoppable Culture of Success

Atlas Outsourcing recognises how company culture can play a massive part in its success and share their views on what create a success culture using manager peer recognition.

    LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND, June 01, 2015 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Direct marketing specialists Atlas Outsourcing pride themselves on having a success culture. It is very much a development business. They invest a lot of time and energy into the people they work with, providing them with tremendous opportunities for personal and professional development.

About Atlas Outsourcing:

Atlas Outsourcing knows that calling attention to work done well by employees is a good habit to practice. When staff feel valued for the contributions they make, a sense of loyalty and emotional engagement to the mission of the organisation develops. This allows team spirit and morale to flourish which creates a more productive workforce. Managing peer recognition is creating a culture of having staff members appreciate one another.

Atlas Outsourcing look at the impacts of manager peer recognition:

It's becoming increasingly clear that employees need to feel valued by both their supervisors and their colleagues. In fact, when employees and supervisors consistently (and effectively) communicate appreciation to their colleagues, the positive results occur more quickly, are more dramatic in their intensity and the "staying power" of their effect is longer lasting.

Atlas Outsourcing emphasises the importance of training team members to encourage and support one another. This and other similar feedback let companies revise their training to include showing employees how to communicate authentic appreciation to their colleagues. The result? Positive communication and improved morale to a level, never imagined!

When team members feel valued not only by their supervisor but also by their colleagues - and when they accept responsibility to encourage and recognise the good work others are doing - a positive "snowball effect" occurs that can be virtually impossible to stop. Appreciation from a co-worker can be as simple as a, "Thanks for getting that report to me quickly. That's really going to make it easier for me to pull together my presentation without having to rush at the last minute."

Atlas Outsourcing want managers to understand the need to lead by example, modelling acts of encouragement to their team, as well as provide the training and resources for co-workers to learn how to effectively communicate genuine appreciation to one another.

Atlas Outsourcing is a Liverpool based sales and marketing firm that help clients to increase their market presence through face to face promotions and events. Taking the time to work with each client one on one, the firm develop and launch exciting and engaging campaigns that reflect the core values of the brand they are representing. The firm also meet with their clients' customers in person to ensure each campaign is executed effectively and that each customer receives a unique and personalised service. Atlas Outsourcing believe that creating a positive culture is the key to success within the workplace and promote a manager to oversee the peer recognition model throughout their business. This has led to the success of many outsourced campaigns in Liverpool and has allowed the company to create an outstanding reputation with clients and customers alike.

Atlas Outsourcing are direct marketing specialists. The firm develop unique campaigns that are designed to generate quality sales and deliver a high ROI for their clients.

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