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How To Profit From Forex Signals

The most advanced Forex Signals are now available for small traders.

    GENEVA, SWITZERLAND, April 24, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Forex trading has increased in popularity over the past decade through the introduction of electronic platforms and online trading. Retail Forex brokers compete to attract investors, offering leveraged accounts, tight spreads and online access to trading platforms.

Trading requires knowledge and expertise like any other profession, less experienced Forex traders tend to follow Forex Signals from social or independent providers to assist decision-making in trading. Trading Forex signals requires an understanding of the following trading principles:


Highly leveraged accounts can generate significant profit from a small deposit. This is coupled by significant drawdown on losing trades. Beginners to Forex trading often enter with the wrong mindset, anticipating quick and high returns on trading without consideration to market conditions. A minimum $1,000 account is required to support liquidity and risk exposure in a volatile market.


Consistency is one of the most important elements to trading over the long term. Losing Forex signals offset profitable ones and traders need to be able to execute each trade to generate results bearing similarity to the signal provider.


Forex Signal providers generate signals based on trading strategies and market volatility in different time frames. Forex is a 24-hour business over five days a week. Missed signals may effect trading results significantly.


Emotional intelligence is the first principle in trading. Traders need to research the transparency and market value of Forex signals. Comprehensive trading plans incorporate periods of drawdown. It is commonplace that traders switch signal provider after losing a few trades. A system requires time to perform through changing market conditions.

Risk Management

Risk management is the ability to leverage trading positions in order to generate expected ROI within reasonable risk margins. Money management is a strategy that completes the trading plan, however many traders fall short of sufficient knowledge of risk management strategies.


This is the ability to follow the rules regardless of short term outcomes. Market pays to a disciplined trader, one who is consistent through good and bad trading days.

These are the basic principles of trading in Forex signals. Failure to make profit despite value and quality of a signal, is often the product of an inconsistent and inexperienced trader.


Algorithmic Investment Program (AIP) by iFexx is a solution for traders with less experience to benefit from Algorithmic Forex Signals without engaging in the trading process.

Forex Signals at iFexx are generated by an algorithmic trading system without human intervention. iFexx members are equipped with a trade copier technology that communicates with a black-box system in order to receive and execute real-time Forex signals over 24-hours, 5 days a week. Money management tools are implemented in iFexx trade copier software in order to assist investors in adjusting position sizes.

iFexx technologies help investors manage their Forex account with discipline and confidence. This fully automated infrastructure is designed to generate consistent performance by trading a portfolio of 10 currency pairs.

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