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How Would Life Be in This Year 2014 if Our Latest Cars Were Based on the Technology of the 20s and Traffic Signals Were Not Yet Invented?

When it comes to life itself, in this year 2014, our art of living is quite worse than the above scenario. Our current rules of life are still defined by the ancient sages.

    RIDGEFIELD PARK, NJ, January 11, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The roads would be full of traffic jams and there would be lots of accidents. People would be getting hurt all the time; there would be lots of fights and flared tempers. Even the good drivers would be hurt and their cars damaged. Life on the road would be chaotic. Given the pressures of modern day life, living itself would be very stressful. With driving nightmares having a rippling effect on all life. Physical as well as emotional health would be painfully and frustrating unhealthy. It would be like an untrained and angry driver driving a primitive car in dangerous traffic rules. Someone observing from a higher ground would conclude that mankind has no clue of what cars are about, let alone the rules of driving.

When it comes to life itself, in this year 2014, our art of living is quite similar to the above scenario. The driver of life being the mind and the car/body being the brain. Both the mind and brain of man in this 21st. century is created with technology that is based on knowledge that is as old as Confucius and Aristotle. Our knowledge of wisdom has not changed much since the golden age of Greek Philosophy and as a result our lives are defined by our outdated knowledge of wisdom.

Instead of life being transformed by the latest discoveries in the mind sciences; our knowledge on the art of living is as defective as ever. This misinformation on wisdom has affected every aspect of life. From depression to unhappiness, from drug addictions to divorce, from sleeplessness to restlessness, from poverty to greed, from corruption to jealousy, from wars to rivalries, from student failures to individual and government debts; in fact almost all man made problems stem from the fact that our definition and knowledge of wisdom is based on false assumptions.

In spite of all the correct knowledge that is right under our noses, especially in the scriptures; our current ignorance of wisdom has man's freedom in its clutch and life is powered by ignorance. Wisdom is the force that defines the quality of life. Every life needs to be powered by wisdom. The power of wisdom comes from knowing and actualizing what works in creating wisdom.

We must wake up to the fact that knowing what is wisdom is unimportant. What we need to do is to uncover the knowledge of not what is wisdom but how to transform every life into becoming wisdom. Suppose you have the choice of having the knowledge of what it means to be a millionaire and becoming a millionaire. Which will you choose? Those who become millionaires do it by providing goods and/or services, they do not even dwell on the knowledge of what being a millionaire means and those who constantly dream of becoming millionaires mostly fail. No wonder stuffing students' minds with the theory and practise of wisdom results in wisdom education failure.

Our governments keep enacting and refining more and more laws to control and limit the devastating effects of our ignorance powered lives. Yet not much changes. What needs to be done is we must redefine wisdom education for what it really is and then develop lessons and exercises to nurture and generate real wisdom across the board and around the world. It is all a matter of making the physical brain free from the clutches of ignorance.

Creating wisdom is like planting a seed and creating a tree. We will never be able to fully figure out the hows and whys of the seed being transformed into a tree. But we do know what we need to do to create a thriving farm. Similarly without even considering what is wisdom we can provide the right nurturing to the brain to make it wise. After all does a mother know what is wisdom to raise a wise child? Does a wise person know that he is wise?

Wisdom is an effortless/unconscious character trait of an emotionally healthy brain. So the focus of brain education has to shift from getting students to chew and digest the knowledge of wisdom and making all out efforts to create emotionally healthy brains. Wisdom education is brain therapy for the old who are ignorant and for infants it is providing them with an emotionally healthy upbringing.

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