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HVAC Expert Air McCall Discusses Reasons You Should Check Your Duct Work

AC repair specialist, Air McCall, notes the importance of inspecting your home's duct work regularly. Clogs and damaged ducts can cost a fortune in cooling bills.

    JACKSONVILLE, FL, May 09, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The air conditioning repair pros at Air McCall, remind homeowners to check their central air duct work on a routine basis. With summer approaching nearer, the last thing any Atlanta resident wants to deal with is lukewarm air blowing from their vents when they expect it to be ice cold. Regardless of the size of your house or how extensive the duct work may be, any faults between the A/C unit and the vent should never be left unchecked.

Make Sure Your Ducts Are in Good Working Order

Clogged passageways inevitably make your central unit work harder to push the air through. The stress of this added workload causes the system's efficiency to plummet, something which will be made clear to you on your utility statement. It is not uncommon for dirt and debris to restrict airflow, but more often than not, leaking ducts are to blame. This issue is particularly more prominent in older homes, especially those that have not been serviced in many years. Cracks, fissures and broken seals create an outlet for the cold air to escape.

Since central A/C systems are controlled by electronic thermostats, which naturally take longer to decrease the ambient temperature in your home, the compressor will be engaged for an extended period of time.

According to Carl Ashauer, Owner of Air McCall, "Not only does quality duct work keep your energy costs under control, but it also prevents harmful air contaminants from entering your home. Mold, dust, pollen and allergens get inside unsealed ducts and eventually to the floor vent. Air quality is greatly affected by the condition of your ducts."

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